Thursday, 12 April 2012


First and Foremost ,
I have to say Welcome to our blog 'La Belle Aventure ' meaning 'The Beauty Adventure'.

My name is Shanaz , I'm 19 and Accountancy & Financial management student at SHU.

My name is Kamarla , I'm 21 and Law student at NTU.

In case you didn't realise we are in fact sisters :)

This blog will express our daily life experiences and passions /obsessions of the following:
  • Fashion/beauty/makeup bargain hauls
  • Product reviews
  • Music i.e. Festivals/Concerts
  • Competitions Prizes
  • Amateur cooking skills

Although this blog was created since 2009, it was not kept updated due to our busy school lifestyle but , seen as my first year is sadly coming to an end *Sheds a tear*; and with Summer exams slowly creeping up in just under 3 weeks *Grasps*, not forgetting Kamarla graduating this summer. We thought , we would try multi-tasking and get back into the blogging world , which we believe is useful in taking our minds off revision stress!

NOTE: If I don't update regularly during now until 25th May, it is due to revision and exams (10-25th May) but after the 25th May and during summertime I will be posting heavily, as I have quite a couple of music festivals and events, that i will be attending!!!

Thank you for being part of this exciting adventure with us, I hope you enjoy it!

Peace, Love & Besos

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Lots of Love,
Shanaz & Kamarla

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