Tuesday, 11 May 2010

18th Birthday Weekend Part 2

Saturday Day 2: So me and my sis after dinner, hopped onto the train and heading to Birmingham City to carry on with the celebrations as i was officially 18.*Happy Birthday to meeee*
We were amazed with your pod-like hotel room it was the cutest and most sophiscated room i ever stayed in...then we got the party started..And headed off to 02 Academy later on in the night to Black Eyed Peas Aftershow Party whereby Taboo and Apl.De.Ap were DJing all night, overall it was a fun night the music was hot and the crowd was buzzing..GREAT ATOMSPHERE!

18th Birthday Weekend

Ok so on Saturday May 8th, I officially turned 18!!!!
I made sure i did my 18th birthday weekend in style by going out from friday to sunday!

Friday Day 1
On the friday, i was lucky enough to attend the Rihanna Concert in Birmingham which i must say was pretty cool as i got the whole package including meet & greet passes for free *Thanks to my aunt*
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