Monday, 30 April 2012


Hi !!

It has been a depressing and grey week, with all this wind and rain. Guess whose decided to grace us with their appearance?...The sun finally gave us a treat and brightened the day :)

Anyways, last week I had to hand in my final piece of coursework for my degree *smiling like a cheshire cat*, so while I was up there I remembered I needed to find a birthday present for my friend. I couldn't find anything for her, but I did end up finding a few bargains for myself *Oops*

I was also cleaning out my wardrobe this week as I'm in the process of moving my uni stuff from  back home. I have come to the conclusion that I have a shopping addiction and need help, as I have no room for any new purchases. But did that little revelation stop me?...Nope... clearly not :)


Navy Blue and Pink skinny belts (RRP £6) - Reduced to £3, paid £2.55 (with student discount)
[to purchase click here]

Gold Chain and Pink feather earrings (RRP £8.50) - Reduced to £1, paid 85p (with student discount)
I have been looking for earrings to match my Dorothy Perkins necklace and found the matching pair a few weeks later at reduced price


Gold Texture Disc Collar Necklace - £10.18
My necklace finally arrived and I love it. I can't wait to pair it up with a cute outfit


Black sunglasses - £1
I realised that I needed a pair of sunglasses that could go with any outfit, and I found this little bargain beauty

Hugs and Kisses

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Jewellery Haul


When I went to Meadowhall recently with my sister , I unexpectedly managed to find some really good jewellery sale bargains.

Dorothy Perkins

Gold Beaten Ring (RRP £5) - Reduced to £1 but paid 85p with Student discount
I seriously am in need of building up my ring collection! So when I spotted this gold beaten textured ring on sale for only a pound, it was destined to be mine without a second thought. I love the detailed  on it and luckily for me it actually matches the Primark disc collar necklace.

Silver-tone Ear Cuff with Skull stud (RRP £5) - Reduced to £2.50 but paid £2.13 with Student discount

Now I wouldn't usually go for this piece of jewellery but I found it looks pretty cool and grungy-esque (If thats even a word) .  I like how the fine chain hangs and is the focal point when I have my hair up, the cuff is a nice feature and I just love skull designs. Anyway, I had a mini palava with this because although the earring distinctively states half price on the ticket, the sales assistant still charged me full price of £5 ; so me being me I stormed back to DP the following day to get my £2.19 refund.

Silver Bib Peter Pan Collar Necklace (RRP £10) - Reduced to £1 but paid 85p with student discount

I think this little beauty is pretty nifty, to be honest I was not really into the whole peter pan collar  trend, but I think I should try it before I dislike it. I love this necklace as it has a mirrored finish and its moveable. 

Triple Feather Drop Hair Clip (RRP £5) - Reduced to £1 but paid 85p with student discount

Hair accessories are necessary to jazz up a hair style and seen as I will be going to a couple of festivals in the summer, I thought these would be perfect to polish my laid back day look. The colours of the feathers are both bold (orange) and neutral (grey) and and hang from a gold graduated length chains. Cannot wait to rock these beauties in my hair!


Gold Beaten Disc Collar necklace (RRP £4) - Reduced to £1
I have been searching for this little beauty for ages, since I saw Shirley from Meek n Mild feature it on her Scarf Many Ways vlog . When I was in Primark, I happened to go to there mini sale stand and saw it in all its glory just hanging there effortlessly, I was shocked but happy to find it reduced by more than half price, so I snapped it up without second guessing!

Have you purchased any new jewellery recently?!

Peace, Love & Besos

Wednesday, 25 April 2012


Heyaaaaa :)

Look what arrived in the post.

My River Island Scarf Print Skirt

I love this skirt for 3 reasons:
  1. The colours are amazing and fabolously embrace the S/S12 scarf print trend.
  2. It hugs my figure perfectly
  3. It was a great sale bargain original priced at £15 and reduced to £6
This is my 2nd ever purchased skirt from River Island. My first skirt was purchased back in 2010 and was the same size but it was super big and still is up to this day. To be honest, I was a bit weary ordering a size 8 again because of the 2010 mishap but luckily they regained themselves in my eyes and actually got the sizing right.

I can't wait to wear this skirt in the summer with my blazer or Forever 21 jersey biker style jacket.

They still are selling this skirt in sizes ranging from 8 -18 in there online sale, if you would like to purchase it. Click here

Let me know what you guys think of the SS/12 Scarf print trend?

Peace, Love & Besos

Monday, 23 April 2012


Hi Belles

Just a quick update as we are now into the full swing of revision season, so I don't get much time for myself. But in my little breaks from the books, essays and manic typing I decided to give my nails a makeover.

As the English weather has decided to turn on us again with its thunder and lightening, I wanted to paint something that reflected the horrible weather.

The black shade represents the dark and dreary weather were experiencing, and the multi coloured animal print represents my hope of a warm bright spring/summer. This look is suitable for everyday as it's quite neutral, yet still in your face. On the plus side, it suits most outfits :)

Bright Red 262, Lemon 307, Spring Green 290, Cyan Blue 294,Black 47

Hugs and Kisses

Sunday, 22 April 2012


Hi Belles,

So another week of revision has passed and here's what was delivered to my postbox!

St. Ives Fresh Skin Invigorating Apricot Scrub

I love facial products especially natural products, so when I saw that this scrub included 100% natural exfoliants, no parabens etc; I knew it had to be good and it has not proven me wrong so far. I haven't finished the 7 day challenge , as I only just started it today and already I think this product will be a favourite of mine. The apricot scent is amazing , its so soothing and calming; the texture is very grainy which is perfect for a scrub and is sort of clay-like in colour .

As soon as I applied the formula on my face and began to massage it into my skin, I could feel that it was deep cleansing which was perfect for me after wearing full make-up all week. Once I rinsed the formula off, I could see the positive difference it made to my skin as it was more nourish , soft and instantly felt refreshed.

Overall I would rate this product 9/10
  • Retails on average about £3.99 which is the same price as my usual Simple Kind to Skin Smoothing Facial Scrub
  • 50% bigger in size compared to Simple Kind to Skin Smoothing Facial Scrub 75ml
  • Has a nice scent compared to Simple Kind to Skin Smoothing Facial Scrub 75ml
  • This sample came with a £1 off voucher on any St Ives Face Scrub (150ml tube)

Oral B Pro-Expert All-Around Protection

Although, I was sent a sample of this in February, for some reason I was sent another but I am not going to complain as I like freebies!

I have never tried Oral B before as I tend to stick to my usual toothpastes which are either AquaFresh or Colgate but I have to say I am impressed with this toothpaste, the taste, the colour, the texture, I just love it.

Now some people might not like the clean mint taste but I think it has a slight mixture of sweetness to it, I can't really explain it but its somewhere in the middle of spearmint mixed with a hint of juicy fruit flavoured gum. Oral B have stated that it provides 'All-around Protection'.

The best thing I found was the long lasting smooth clean finish on my teeth from the active clean crystals within the toothpaste. Overall I would give this product 8/10 and would in the future consider purchasing it, however , most likely when it is on offer because it retails on average for £3.49 (75ml size).

Note: Oral B Pro-Expert is available in the following other variants : Whitening & Enamel Shield.

Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief + Whitening

Although, I am yet to try this sample , I look forward to testing it out because I am already a big fan of Colgate.

This new toothpaste features Pro-Argin Technology which is clinically proven by dentists to block exposed channels to the nerve to prevent sensitivity when it is applied directly to each sensitive tooth for 1 minute.

Once I manage to complete the 5 day sensitivity challenge, I will be sure to post a review.

If you have tried any of these products, let me know what you think?!

Peace, Love & Besos

Friday, 20 April 2012

MEADOWHALL HAUL (Kamarla Edition)

Hi Belles

I'm new to this whole blogging world, and am literally clueless, but I'm learning. Anyways, I've finally handed in my Dissertation *sigh of relief* so I thought I would update you on the little impromptu shopping trip with my sister in Sheffield, before the intense revision period.

As you must have realised my sister and I love our little bargains, being students and all. So we like to look stylish, but with the affordable price tag. I was on the hunt for anything that would bring my wardrobe from the winter wonderland, to a summertime glam.

I'll be going to Wireless Festival again which is why I need a new outfit :)


LBD - £10
Would you believe I have never been able to find a LBD that will fit my figure perfectly. I am a size 4 so finding clothes to suit me is difficult at times. But I just so happened to find this little beauty hanging on one of the rails in a size 6, which fits me like a glove. I was even happier when I saw the price tag.

Abstract print dress - £13
This dress is bang on trend and is cute. The bold colours are in this season, along with the patterned print. It can be dressed up to go to a club/bar with friends, or dressed down for a casual shopping trip

Maxi skirt - £14
I've always wanted a maxi skirt, but could never find one that suited me. Luckily my sister fell in love with this and showed it to me *she wasn't too pleased that the last one was in my size...woops lol* otherwise I would have missed it. It fits in nicely with the spring trends

Cardigan - £12
Ok I know that were going into spring but unfortunately English weather doesn't like to follow the seasons, so I thought this would be perfect for when the weather decides to take a turn for the worse. It's easy to throw on and take away that English chill and will go great with any outfit

Dress £23 (limited edition)
I could not neglect this dress and leave it hanging on the rail, so I adopted it to my wardrobe. I love how the zip can change this from a high round neck to a v neck dress in an instant, which makes the dress all that more interesting

Aztec print vest top £6
I love this top. From the front it looks like any other sheer vest top, but from the back its a completely different story. It's the little details that make things interesting and the cut out back, combined with the Aztec print = Amazing. The sheer fabric is perfect for this summer, especially for Festivals :)

Anglaise dress £6
This dress just screams my name, and of course I listened. It comes in many colours but the seafoam green appealed to me .I love the broderie anglaise detail and the cut out back . I may have to return to pick up some of the other colours.

Make-up bag - Primark £3, Collar necklace - Dorothy Perkins £1, Feathered hairclip - Dorothy Perkins £1, Faux Suede Mary Jane heels - Ebay £21.99

Hugs and Kisses

Thursday, 19 April 2012

MEADOWHALL HAUL (Shanaz Edition)

So it has only just settled in that Easter Holidays are over as revision is in full swing! I so wish I had the ability to go back in time.

However, I forgot to mention that before i got back into life as a Sheffield student, I popped to Meadowhall with my mum on Sunday before hitting the books. Now everyone knows when I go Meadowhall it means I am suggesting a shopping trip , which I of course did just that!


Now those who know me , know I love to shop in Primark and make purchases every now and then especially when they have new stock in or sales.

Light wash denim shorts - £5

I believe these may be worn alot over the summer. The colour is perfect and the style is bang on trend!

High waisted shorts (Original price £10) - Reduced to £5 at the till

I have been craving some new shorts for summer , so when I saw these for £10 I knew it would not be wise to leave the shop without them, but I was shocked to find that at the till they were reduced to half price! (must have been my lucky day)
I love these, normally I find it hard to buy high waisted trousers as they tend to never fit at the back but these shorts hug my figure perfectly and the indigo colour is really nice.

3x Long sleeve plain tee's (Original price £3) - Reduced to £1 each

These are lightweight and can be worn all year round but I will be rocking them in the summer as they are bright!

Pumps - £3
I can tell these will become my everyday shoes, they are so comfy and can be worn with alot of outfits whether its jeans, skirts or shorts. In my opinion , I believe they a similar look-a-like to the Vans Canvas Authentic Lo Pro and are are an absolute bargain!


Sleek Pout Paint (153 Cloud 9) - £4.99 (with 10% Student discount - £4.49)

As I mentioned in my previous Birmingham shopping haul post, I wanted to create DIY lip balms but due to my little collection of pout paint containing only 154 Mauve over & 163 Peek-a-bloo. I was in serious need of this particular pout paint in order to mix those colours ; to potentially create lip balms that can be wearable everyday.

It's safe to say, I won't be shopping for a long time after my major splash over the Easter break...Guess I will be back to living life as a poor student!

Let me know what you guys purchased recently?!

Peace, Love & Besos

Wednesday, 18 April 2012



Apologies, for not posting this sooner but I had no access to my camera , as I left my camera lead in Sheffield over the holidays!

Anyhoo , last saturday I decided to go Birmingham to chill with my friend before I returned back to Sheffield . I managed to find time before I got on the train back home to shop at the famous Bullring Shopping Centre and found the following bargains:

Forever 21

Jersey Zip Jacket (RRP £13.50) - I paid with 10% Student discounted price £12.15

Now I have been searching for the perfect casual lightweight jacket that I could just throw on with a pair of jeans or shorts! I originally spotted one on Ebay for just over £13.00 but because I wasn't sure of the quality I was a bit hesistant to order it , plus I hate the long wait for international shipping from Hong Kong, because majority of the time I forget I even order anything until it arrives.

Anyway I popped into Forever21 and saw this little beauty on the mannequin and knew it had to be mine! It was the last one in store and luckily my size , so the store assistant kindly took it off the manniquin for me (Gosh I was lucky to bag it) .

Indigo Skinny Jeans (RRP £8.75) - I paid with 10% Student discounted price £7.87

I have never brought jeans from Forever 21, and it ended up being a real hassle (going to changing rooms on more than 2 occasions with over 8 pairs of different sized jeans); Nonetheless, after 30 minutes I managed to find that my size was 25. These jeans were a bargain as I normally purchase my Jeans from Primark which they usually retail for £11,so when I saw these , I knew I had to nab them quick!


PP Plaster Case - 85p

Usually im a bit of a lazy person and only keep my pins on a tacky piece of cardboard and throw it in a plastic bag whenever I am travelling, so when I came across this on Muji Online , I knew it would be perfect , plus it was a bargain for under £1.

Acrylic pot - 85p

I was lucky enough to win a Goody bag from SleekMakeup back in January and with it contained 2 pout paints in peek a bloo and mauve. I decided since they were very bold colours, I would attempt to create my own DIY Lip balms, which mean't I required a pot.

So I went searching on Muji online and found that they had the perfect pot at a good price. Now I only brought one just to test it out, because after rummaging through my lip section in my makeup draw , I noticed I had a couple of empty leftover pots from old lipbalms.


Makeup Academy (MUA) Blusher in Shade 6 - £1

Now I have only recently began to wear blusher since February 2012 , after getting the confidence to use my Sleek Makeup Limited Edition Mediterranean collection blush in Santorini which I picked up last summer at the Wireless Festival 2011.

Anyway I went into Superdrug and was initially meant to go to the Sleek counter and pick up a pout paint but as you can see I got sidetracked by this little beauty. Now this blusher has been out for quite some time as it was released about september 2011 and I have to say it is amazing including the sleek packaging !!!!

The shade is perfect as it is two toned , with a top shade of pinky peach and a golden bronze undertone which will give your cheeks soft, subtle glow perfect for both daytime and night time glam :) .

Although I have never tried Nars Super orgasm blush (RRP £21) & Sleek Rose Gold Blush (RRP £4.20), I believe this is very similar dupe to those 2 shades ,but is by far much cheaper!

Tell me what you think of my new buys or what you have purchased recently!

Peace, Love & Besos
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