Sunday, 29 April 2012

Jewellery Haul


When I went to Meadowhall recently with my sister , I unexpectedly managed to find some really good jewellery sale bargains.

Dorothy Perkins

Gold Beaten Ring (RRP £5) - Reduced to £1 but paid 85p with Student discount
I seriously am in need of building up my ring collection! So when I spotted this gold beaten textured ring on sale for only a pound, it was destined to be mine without a second thought. I love the detailed  on it and luckily for me it actually matches the Primark disc collar necklace.

Silver-tone Ear Cuff with Skull stud (RRP £5) - Reduced to £2.50 but paid £2.13 with Student discount

Now I wouldn't usually go for this piece of jewellery but I found it looks pretty cool and grungy-esque (If thats even a word) .  I like how the fine chain hangs and is the focal point when I have my hair up, the cuff is a nice feature and I just love skull designs. Anyway, I had a mini palava with this because although the earring distinctively states half price on the ticket, the sales assistant still charged me full price of £5 ; so me being me I stormed back to DP the following day to get my £2.19 refund.

Silver Bib Peter Pan Collar Necklace (RRP £10) - Reduced to £1 but paid 85p with student discount

I think this little beauty is pretty nifty, to be honest I was not really into the whole peter pan collar  trend, but I think I should try it before I dislike it. I love this necklace as it has a mirrored finish and its moveable. 

Triple Feather Drop Hair Clip (RRP £5) - Reduced to £1 but paid 85p with student discount

Hair accessories are necessary to jazz up a hair style and seen as I will be going to a couple of festivals in the summer, I thought these would be perfect to polish my laid back day look. The colours of the feathers are both bold (orange) and neutral (grey) and and hang from a gold graduated length chains. Cannot wait to rock these beauties in my hair!


Gold Beaten Disc Collar necklace (RRP £4) - Reduced to £1
I have been searching for this little beauty for ages, since I saw Shirley from Meek n Mild feature it on her Scarf Many Ways vlog . When I was in Primark, I happened to go to there mini sale stand and saw it in all its glory just hanging there effortlessly, I was shocked but happy to find it reduced by more than half price, so I snapped it up without second guessing!

Have you purchased any new jewellery recently?!

Peace, Love & Besos

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