Thursday, 28 June 2012

H & M Citrus Passion

Back in May I went shopping at Meadowhall, Sheffield and ventured into H & M. Anyway I spotted that they released a new seasonal fragrance called 'Citrus Passion', now anyone who knows me can confirm my absolute favourite scents are either fruity, citrus or floral ; so I knew it was an instant purchase. However, unfortunately they only had testers of both the eau de toilette and bodysplash available in stock and when I asked the sales assistant for any in the back, she mentioned that it is a seasonal product and may not be in the next week's delivery.

Luckily for me as my sister lives in Nottingham, I got my thinking cap on and sent her out on a mission to find codename:citrus passion in her local H & M and to my satisfaction they were not sold out of both the bodysplash and Eau de toilette so I requested that she purchased both for me . Also Luckily enough, I got an extra 10% off the bodysplash price as it did not have a gold cap.

I love the fruity scent, it is perfect for daytime work or festivals and will have you smelling sweet all day long!!!

The packaging is not spectactular compared to other perfumes on the market but I would not expect it as they specialise in clothing not cosmetics. However saying that, that I do like the eau de toilette bottle including the size as it is minature enough to travel in my handbag over the summer to festivals but also the design is pretty yet simple as it is gradient of colours pink to orange with a gold cap.

This is a seasonal product so I would advise you to go to your local H &; M and purchase it while stocks last.
  • 200ml  Bodyspray £1.99
  • 30ml Eau Du Toilette £3.99
These products are available in H&M stores and H & M online. 

Note: They sell Citrus Passion body lotion and shower gel too. 

 My Rating
Product: ★★★
Price: ★★★★★
Packaging: ★★★
Quality: ★★★★

Peace, Love & Besos

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Whats in the Postbox????

Hiiiii :)

Look what arrived in the post today.......

I won tickets to see Deadmau5 on Friday 6th July at Barclaycard Wireless Festival 2012 and they also threw in two barclaycard paybands each loaded with £20 to spend at the event.

I can't wait I'm so excited... I love festival season!!!!

Hackney Weekend tomorrow.. Jay Z here I come lol :)

Peace, Love & Besos

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Oasap High Street Fashion - Retro Plaited Bracelet

Recently I got an email from Oasap High Street Fashion informing me that I have $10.00 credit to spend within their online store.

As I have so much clothes, I thought I would put the money to good use and purchase a pack of bracelets.

I saw the Retro Plaited Bracelet pack and fell in love with the fact that they are intertwined. I have to say recently I have found a new profound love for jewellery that has the grunge,vintage,tarnished/copper look .

The bracelets are simple yet an effective piece to accessorise any outfit; whether it is a casual daytime look , work casual  or Nightime glam

Check out Oasap fashion, they have alot of trendy clothes, accessories and shoes at bargain prices and not forgetting they offer free worldwide shipping which is always a bonus when shopping online.

My Rating

Product: ★★★
Price: ★★★
Packaging: ★★
Quality: ★★★
Peace, Love & Besos

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Sugarlips Goldmember Dress

Hi Belles,

Last month I received an email from a fashion online retailer called Sugarlips , who sent me this gorgeous sheer one shoulder dress; which I have to say I love!!!

I think this dress is so versatile, as it can either be dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion. It will even work in A/W Trend 12/13.

Firstly my eyes are drawn to the interesting colour and pattern. It has a mustard base colour, with a purple and green psychedelic pattern on top. The psychedelic pattern and one shoulder style is a true reflection of the name Goldmember *I can see Beyonce rocking this dress if they ever brought out another Austin Powers movie* .

The elasticated waist band is perfect as it accentuates the waist, whereas the floatiness of the fabric creates wonderful shapes in all the right places. I love the additional feature of the bell sleeve, truely inspired by the style of the 70s . It is also the perfect dress to compliment any body type, which is what every woman looks for.

I would recommend that everyone checks out their website, as there is so much to choose *it's like a fashion candy store*

The Goldmember Dress retails for $50.00 * approximately £32.00*, and comes in a variety of sizes ranging from XS - L. I almost forgot the best part of Sugarlips,  they provide worldwide free shipping, not only that but they are only place *that I know of* that offer a 365 day return policy. If that doesn't put a smile on your face I don't know what will :)

My Rating 

Fabric: ★★★
Colour: ★★★
Fit: ★★★
Movement: ★★★

Hugs and Kisses

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Whats in the Postbox???

Heyyyyy :)

Look what arrived today.....


I seriously cannot wait until 7th July to see Drake, Nicki Minaj, The Dream, Meek Mills , Weeknd , Wiz Khalifa , Angel , Rita Ora,  D'banj , Labrinth, Chiddy Bang & Lady Leshur.

There is still a chance to obtain one of these paybands to get access to the exclusive perks I mentioned in my previous post HERE!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow (20th June) is the last day for Payband applications, so apply quick and you too could get access to exclusive perks!!!!!!

 Peace, Love & Besos

Monday, 18 June 2012

Versatile Blogger Award

Hey Belles!

We have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Nkechi from The Simple View, thank you for nominating us :)

  1. Nominate fellow bloggers
  2. Let them know you nominated them
  3. Share 7 random facts about yourself
  4. Thank the blogger that nominated you
  5. Add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to your blog
7 random facts about Shanaz...
  1. I have my nose pierced
  2. I am early bird in the morning , I can never have a lie in even if im really tired.
  3. I love sweets, im a major sweetaholic
  4. I enter so many competitions, since 2009 I have won over 40+ including a samsung camera which I currently use .
  5. My makeup collection is full of Sleek Makeup , MUA & a few MAC products
  6. I love the smell of blown out matches
  7.  Love & Basketball is my favourite love film :)

7 random facts about Kamarla...  
  1. I am double jointed in most of my joints (odd I know)
  2. I watch so many TV shows its unbelievable, more than 100+
  3. I don't eat chocolate, because KitKat made me go off all chocolate
  4. I used to be a Gymnast and do Taekwondo
  5. I eat loads and can still never put on even a tiny bit of weight
  6. I've met Rihanna twice
  7. I am definitely not an early bird in the morning unless I have to be for work or uni :)
I nominate...


Saturday, 16 June 2012

Christian Louboutin Exhibition

*Note: Picture heavy post*


OK, I know I said we couldn't take pictures of the Exhibition, however we were surprised we were allowed to take pictures of a few shoes outside. I can't express  how much these pictures do not do Louboutin's talent justice. 

First things first Christian Louboutin is a GENIUS and will remain my favourite shoe designer. I can now understand the love the Kardashians and Victoria Beckham have for his designs. Not only did the exhibition feature so many gorgeous, sexy red soled shoes, but we were also treated to a holographic burlesque  performance from the great Dita Von Teese. Apart from heavenly shoe designs *and some crazy designs that were not only out of the box, but were out of this world :)* we also learned a lot about Christian as a person himself. He is a self made success through his sheer hard work and recognisable talent of understanding what women look for in shoes. We look for shoes that are classy with an element of sexy, and the addition of the red sole, shows that there is more than meets the eye, adding an aire of mystery.

I could go on for ever, but you would really have to see his work in detail to appreciate the true master of shoes. Also at the event was Lucozade, who were there promoting their new light energising drink Lucozade Revive by giving out FREE bottles, and of course we were all too happy to oblige. The bottles contain a blend of B vitamins. B3 fights tiredness, while B5, B6 & B12 help with everyday energy release. And with just 50 calories in every naturally flavoured bottle. It comes in three refreshing flavours; Lemongrass with Ginger, Cranberry with Acai, and Orange with Acai. We all tried each one and would definitely give them a thumbs up :)

Anyways, after the exhibition we had a lovely stroll along the River Thames taking in the sights and just generally enjoying the surprisingly mild weather. All in all it was a fun day with lots of laughs and jokes.

Hugs and Kisses

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

My Ideal Summer Capsule Wardrobe

My Ideal Summer Capsule Wardrobe

My Ideal Summer Capsule Wardrobe by Kamarla 

Hi Belles

I decided to create my ideal summer capsule wardrobe. If the English weather would be kind to us and gives us more sun instead of rain and wind, I would be able to wear nice summery outfits. But were not lucky enough yet so I decided to imagine nice outfits that I could wear *if I had the funds and weather* :)

I styled the outfits in columns for different occasions, but they can mix and match to make other great outfits.

Column 1 - Party/ Clubbing: I chose to go very bold with this look by adding the neon yellow, to keep within the neon trend, and ensure all eyes are on you while you are partying away on the dance floor. The floral print also keeps the look very summery, but also shows a playful side.
Items used:
Neon Biker Jacket - Topshop - £58
Bodycon dress - Miss Selfridge - £35
Clutch - Zara - £19.99
Heels - Garage Shoes - £29.99

Column 2 - Beach babe: I went with a fresh aqua green theme, to keep the look bold and bright, as the sun will be shining down on you and will compliment any skin tone or tan :). The wedge heels will look sexy on the beach to elongate those legs, while also providing great comfort if you decide to take a stroll along the beach front (you can also mix and match the foot wear with Column 3, if you are not comfortable with heels)
Items used:
Bikini bandeau - Matalan - £5
Bikini briefs - Matalan - £4
Sun hat - H&M - £9.99
Beach dress - H&M - £14.99
Bag - H&M - £14.99
Wedges - ASOS - £110.00

Column 3 - Festivals/ Park: I think this look is perfect for festivals or just a casual trip to sunbathe in the park with friends. It's a simple yet stylish look due to the cool mint green theme. I think a pair of white shorts and a white vest is a staple in any summer wardrobe, as it matches with anything and provides a nice base, which can  be changed by accessorising. I chose sandals to compliment this look as standing on your feet all day at a festival, or running around in a park may not be as fun if your in heels.
Items used:
Cropped jacket - River Island - £45
Vest -   Miss Selfridge (sold out)
Shorts - H&M - £4.99
Bag - Wallis - £15
Sandals - ASOS - £22

Column 4 - Office/ Wedding: The peach and orange colour tone is warm but also bright without putting all the focus on you. The combination of the pieces work well together to create a structured stylish look that is appropriate for a wedding or the office. The bag could also be swapped for a clutch if that is what you prefer for the wedding. The jacket is optional in case you need to wear a suit jacket for a meeting, but can be removed for a wedding.
Items used:
Blazer - H&M - £29.99
Dress - Dorothy Perkins - £28
Bag - Zara - £39.99
Heels - Christian Louboutin - £375

Column 5 - Smart casual: Keeping with the summery trend I decided to go with a bold pink colour scheme. The dipped hem skirt provides great movement, that makes you seem like your gliding along the street or across to the bar if your out for drinks. I teamed the skirt with a white studded bandeau to add an edgy side to this girly look.
Items used:
Blazer - Quiz - £39.99
Crop top - Miss Selfridge - £24
Dipped hem maxi skirt - River Island - £40
Bag - River Island - £25
Heels - Missguided - £29.99

Column 6 - Shopping Trip: I kept this look very casual but also went with a nautical theme. Although this is a casual look, it is still stylish without looking boring. The red, patent bowling bag keeps the look crisp and clean, but the cropped, bleached washed denim jacket keeps the look young. The red vans draws the bag together with the look, but also provides comfort and style for those long hours of retail therapy.
Items used:
Denim jacket - Republic - £20
Vests - House of Fraser - £9.75
Jeans - Fashion Union - £22
Bag - Mango - £24.99
Vans - Schuh - £45

Also I'm going to the Christian Louboutin Exhibition tomorrow at the Design Museum which is going to be fun as Christian Louboutin is my favourite shoe designer. However, no photography is allowed unfortunately, so no pics I'm afraid.

What would you put in your summer capsule wardrobe and is anyone else going to the Christian Louboutin Exhibition?

Hugs and Kisses

Monday, 11 June 2012

Free Barclaycard Payband for Wireless Festival 2012 Goers!!!!!


To all those who will be attending Barclaycard Wireless Festival 2012 at Hyde Park, I have some good news.

Good ol' sponsored bank Barclaycard are trailing out their new service called 'Payband' which is a contactless payment wristband, and giving Wireless festival goers the chance to use the service for free if you are attending this July either on Friday 6th, Saturday 7th or Sunday 8th. Even better still is you do not have to be a Barclaycard customer to experience this new form of contactless payment.

Source: Wireless Festival Official Website

How to use Barclaycard Payband?

Using a Barclaycard payband is pretty simple. All you have to do is spend a maximum of £20 per transaction at the festival, then when payment is required is tap the PayBand on the payment terminal , wait for it to beep , allow the four visual indicators to illuminate and a confirmation message to show the payment has been approved and you’re done!

Note: If you spend over £20 your transaction will be rejected.

Checking the balance on your payband is easy as you will be able to do so at the Barclaycard PayBand Help Desk at Wireless or on  They have also included an automatic top-up option similar to the Oystercard whereby if your balance goes below £20, it will automatically top up your funds by either £20 , £30, £40 or £50. This means you won’t need to queue up at Barclaycard Wireless to top-up your PayBand!!!!

As this is temporary service during the Wireless festival, the payband will expire on 9th July. However, if you have any remaining balances on the payband , this will be returned to the registered card on 19th July.

All you have to do is register here for free before 20th June 2012, to not miss out on the following perks at the festival:

Buy things quickly: Get a snack or round in with
 just a tap of your PayBand

Make an entrance: Head to the fast lanes and
 get straight to the heart of the festival

Escape the crowds: Relax in the Unwind Perk
 Park, with its luxury toilets and chill-out area

Grab a freebie: collect your free festival goodies (lanyards & bags)
 and get the chance to win exclusive prizes (Side-stage view)

Have a drink on us: When you register for auto
 top-up, we’ll treat you to an extra £5 on top of your first

To find out further information click here

The fact that you get access to luxury toilets, a photobooth and a chill out area, including freebies such as limited edition festival bag, has enticed me enough to go ahead and apply for one!

I advise you not to hang about as paybands are limited!!!  

Peace, Love & Besos

Nail Art and Paintings

Hey guys

I thought a quick update was needed on my nails. I decided this time to go with a Tiffany and Co design inspired by my earrings. Here they are a fresh mint green with polka dots, and a white bow on the ring finger.

 Mint Green 304, Matt White 66, Black 47

These are the three paintings I decided to paint. I thought I would go with a cute floral theme. I'm not sure what I'm going to paint next, but please bear in mind that I'm am not an artist I just paint or draw casually as a hobby. Painting is so relaxing, but because I'm a perfectionist I'm never happy with it as I always see the faults. 

I also find out my final degree results soon, which I am so nervous about its unbelievable *God help me*. It's quite funny how one little piece of paper can decide your life. But I will attempt to remain calm and positive, and find other things to keep me busy and stop me thinking about it 

Does anyone else draw or paint? I would love to see other people's art :)

Hugs and Kisses

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