Wednesday, 27 August 2014

What's in my 'Airport' Handbag?

Since the time I booked my September holiday to Ibiza late spring, I have been so excited for several reasons:
  • Glitz , Glam and Party Central...It's the Celebrity hotspot of 2014 ( Cara Delevingne, Kim Kardashian & Kanye, P Diddy , Naomi Campbell etc)
  • Escape the dull, wet UK weather for a hotter & sunny climate
  • I will be staying in the newly opened &  first European Hard Rock Hotel. 
  • My final holiday to end the Summer before starting my final year at university.
As I am only going for 4 days, I am purely only taking hand luggage; thankfully Ryanair allow up to 10kg allowance plus an additional handbag. So I thought it would a good idea to share with you a breakdown list of what I will be packing for my 4 night trip to the Beautiful Balearic Islands in a few blog posts.

As you can tell I love to cram as much as I can into my carry-on bag, however the above are all necessities (except the alcohol of course). I will use my £49 Harrods Burgundy Faux Saffiano Leather Handbag as it has long shoulder straps, sleek and fashionable, making it the perfect tote bag.

Travel Wallet – I love this wallet especially as it is personalised with my initials ‘SRP’. This is a must have travel essential as I am able to store my money, travel documents/flight paperwork all in one without the need of separate folders etc. Plus I love that it has a pen holder as you never know when you will need a pen.
Makeup bag – I always take an additional mini toiletries bag in my hand bag, in case I need to touch up any makeup before or after the flight. I don't take much just the essentials such as gel eyeliner, mascara, studio fix powder, chewing gum , lip balm & lipstick, two perfumes, nail file & nail polish, remover pads clear nail polish , hand cream, body wipes and a mirror.
Kiss Gel Dress – I will be taking my Kiss Gel Dress nails that I received from Alex Silver PR as it will save the hassle of bringing nail polish plus the Glitter 'My Space' nails will look very glam glistening in the sunlight.
Disposable Contact Lenses & Glasses –  Unfortunately I am not blessed with 20/20 vision ,so I always make sure I carry both my contact lenses , prescription sunglasses and everyday glasses
especially as I will need to protect my eyes from the sun & it's UV Ray. 

Purse – I never bring my large Valentino purse abroad but instead use a cheap small purse which can easily be used on the go, to fit my necessary bank cards including my driving provisional for ID, change and additional Euros as I don’t want to walk around with my travel wallet with all my important documents on holiday.

Electricals – Where ever I go my iPad Mini goes because it has a better battery life than my mobile and contains all my essential apps, music & games for the flight.  I take my mobile to stay in contact with people via WhatsApp & so I can instagram my travels. Also my Smartstick Charger is carried around in case my phone runs out charge when I am out and not near a plug, this will give my mobile a full charge.

Cameras – My Samsung NX100 Compact System always comes on holiday as I love the quality of pictures it captures in the daytime in comparison to my point & shoot camera. I take my Samsung WB150F point & shoot camera because it is smaller & has wifi upload feature to social media.

I will also be packing other essentials such as Glamour/Cosmopolitan/Company Magazines,  plug Adaptor adapter, my chargers (iPad, Phone, Camera) , Umbrella as you never know the weather when back in UK.

Snacks – Inflight snacks are essential especially if you are like me and dislike plane food. I always eat at one of the aiport resturants before the flight but I carry some sweets, crisps and biscuits onto the plane with me for when I get peckish!
I hope you enjoyed seeing what I take on the plane with me, the next installment in my Ibiza holiday bag posts will be 'Whats in my holiday toiletries bag'.

What essentials do you take in your handbag when you go on holiday?

Peace & Love

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Fawn Clothing *

Newly launched, is an online UK based fashion boutique. Our motto is: "Fierce high fashion. Fantasy prices." Simple. 

After discovering a lack of clothing lines offering luxe (definition: expensive and of high quality) clothing but at affordable price points, we decided to take matters into our own hands. What better idea than to create a line fulfilling exactly those needs, to benefit fashionista's the world over? And so Fawn's conception began in early 2014...

Nicki Skater Dress // Ava Coatigan

We know our ladies are fierce fashionista's so we strive to provide them with trends straight off the runway and the hottest pieces they've ever laid eyes on. We satiate their appetite for luxe high fashion, without breaking the bank. We understand how important it is to look your best.

Not only that, but our customers mean the whole world to us. We aim to go above and beyond for our customers to put a smile on their face and make them feel special. Nobody deserves it more. This is why we focus on delivering customer service fit for a Queen and a simple, yet exciting shopping experience.

Joanna Crossbody Bag // Tati Spike Necklace // Anna Tote Bag

Come and see for yourself...
Happy shopping gorgeous! biggrin

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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Holiday Inspiration: Airport Style

Many of you already know, I am going on holiday next month to Ibiza. To say I am ...EXCITED... would be a huge understatement.

I don't know about you but I like to travel in style. Beginning with what I wear to the Airport.
However, it pays to be practical as well as chic, which is why I planned this outfit for my travels.

Airport Style Inspiration

I decided to go with a light and simple outfit. Keeping layers to a minimum as we all have to go through the security process, such as taking of belts, shoes etc. There is no jewellery or a belt for the basic reason that it is a hassle to take off when going through the scanner.

I chose simple leopard flats to add print to the outfit. Flats are better than heels in this case, as you wouldn't have to take them off in order to go through the scanner. For one thing I don't like to put my feet on the floor without socks.

Resist the urge to go in super short shorts and a crop top in preparation for when you arrive at your sunny destination; for the simple reason that it will be chilly on the plane ride before you get there. A scarf and jacket are necessities when travelling. At least with a jacket you can take it off when warm, but easily accessible for chilly moments. I chose a leopard scarf to bring the outfit all together.

Wearing a hat on your travels you look chic and it is an easy way to transport; without it getting squashed or misshapen.  The Michael Kors cross body bag is perfect for airport style, as the long strap keeps your hands free to deal with check-in and a stylish way to store your travel documents.

My style inspiration

Pictures from and

What is your go to style when travelling?

Hugs and Kisses

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Primark Limited Edition Haul

Last weekend my sister came to visit me in Bristol, which meant ...SHOPPING SPREE!!
We went to check out the 4 floored Primark in Bristol, and decided to seek out their Limited Edition collection.

Leopard Print Pony Heels : £22.00 - (1) I love leopard print accessories. (2) They are chic, sophisticated, perfect for work in the day and drinks at night. (3) They are a bargain and a great dupe of the Miss KG Alba heels for £80. (4) Best worn with a Black LBD, Leopard Print Clutch and minimal Jewellery.

Leopard Print Pony Ballet Flats : £16.00 - Who wouldn't like the ballet flat version? (1) They make a casual outfit look effortlessly classy and (2) No fear of tired, hurting feet. (3) Best worn with Boyfriend Fit Jeans, Basic Tee or White Shirt, and a Navy or Beige Blazer.

Faux Leather Gold Hardware Clutch : £10.00 - (1) The Gold hardware and minimal design instantly dresses up an outfit . (2) It comes with its own dust-bag to protect from scratches. (3) The built in card holder saves you carrying a bulky purse. (4) It has an internal pocket and phone holder. (5) Perfect for a night out as a clutch or use the gold metal strap to pop on your shoulder. (6) Best worn with a Black LBD, Gold Waist belt and Jewellery, and Black or Gold Heels.

Limited Edition Zip Biker Boots: £22.00 - (1) Biker boots can make an outfit look edgy. (2) Black and Gold hardware need I say more. (3) The heel makes the boots look feminine without being obvious. (4) Everybody loves getting two things for the price of one, just unzip the top and you have an ankle boot, or keep it on for a longer fit. (5) Best styled with a Basic/ Slogan Tee, Distressed Jeans and a Leather Jacket.

Do you like the Primark Limited Edition Collection?

Hugs and Kisses

Friday, 8 August 2014

Hybrid fashion wishlist *

Hybrid fashion wiishlist

Hybrid fashion wishlist by shaz8592

(Top Left to Bottom Right) 1. Valerie Crepe Colour Block Cobalt and Mint £140 | 2. Eniko Lace Skater Dress Cream with Lime £58 | 3. Derya Contrast Faux Leather Panel Dress Cream with Black and Lime £98 3 | 4 . Luxe Crepe Mara Pencil Dress Cream with Mint and Black £68 | 5 . Luxe Crepe Svetlana Dress Cream with Black - £130

Although I am yet to start my final year at university, I have already started planning ahead and began thinking of what I would like to wear to my Graduation in November 2015 (Being positive never hurt nobody).

I have picked a few of my favourite dresses from the 'New In' section from the Hybrid Fashions  website. I had not heard of Hybrid Fashions before but came across there website after seeing it on EtailPr. I am glad I found there website as they have such an extensive selection of dresses for different occasions such as Weddings, Race days, Party & Summer. Although they are a bit pricey, I don't mind splashing the cash especially on my Graduation day where all eyes will be on me!
They were established in 2010 and offer sophiscated, timeless, affordable fashions which are inspired by luxury contemporary market.  There dresses are designed to flatter the natural curves of the body through use of luxe and stretch fabrics.

According to Hybrid Fashions, the name ‘hybrid’ reinforces there creative vision; through attention to detail and skilled craftsmanship they aim to bind elements such as quality and versatility with affordability and luxury.  Currently they sell to independent boutiques, major department stores and online retailers such as ASOS.

What dresses are your favourite from Hybrid Fashions?!

Peace, Love & Besos

hybrid bloggers

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Harrods Bag Wishlist

Harrods Bag Wishlist

Harrods Bag Wishlist by shaz8592

(Top Left to Bottom Right) 1. Novello Shoulder Bag - £49 | 2. Niki Shoulder Bag - £49 | 3. Mini Novello Shoulder Bag - £49 | 4 . James Update Shoulder Bag - £49 | 5 . Milson Backpack - £35 | 6 . Brondesbury Grab Bag - £45

The other day, I was browsing the 'Gifts' section on the Harrods website and saw that they were selling a selection 'Harrods' branded bags in styles, inspired by well known designers e.g. Micheal Kors, Chanel , Prada; at a fraction of the price. 

I have put together a wishlist of my favourite Harrods bags which I am currently lusting over, no doubt I am very tempted to purchase the James Update shoulder bag or Niki shoulder bag for my return to university as they are the perfectly sized for Seminars/Lectures/Library sessions to carrying around my seminar notes, lectures slides, iPad, stationary & textbooks.

Harrods is one of those stores that I always forget to pay a visit whenever I am in London, as I tend to just shop either down Oxford Street, Marble Arch or Westfield Stratford . 
However, the luxury department store will alway hold my favourite fashion memory as it was there that I purchased my first designer outfit with my own visa electron card at just age 12. To this date I still own the DKNY skirt as its such a timeless piece (I will definitely be packing it for my Ibiza holiday next month) .

Which bag is your favourite from the Harrods Gifts Range?

Peace, Love & Besos

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