Sunday, 17 November 2013

Samsung S3 - Fisheye Lens

Yesterday , me and my sister decided last minute that we will take a trip to London, as we had not visited Walthamstow market & Oxford street in a long while. Last week I received my Samsung S3 Fish eye lens from Three Mobile , so I was excited to take it with me on this unplanned trip to test out.

A fisheye lens is a wide angle lens that allows you to produce strong distortion on images to create an ultra wide panoramic view. It is perfect if you want to take action images or close up focused images of items while still being able to retain a full picture.

The conversion lens for the Samsung S3, comes with a dark grey translucent back cover which easily snaps onto your phone handset so it will not fall off, it fits perfectly around the camera so you can still make use of the flash which is perfect for those night time shots. Once the case is securely on the phone,  the lens can be screwed onto the back cover and presto you can snap away until your heart is content!

To protect the lens, the pack comes complete with 2 clip on lens covers,  to keep the lens free from dirt or dust when not in use.


The fish eye lens retails for approximately £24.99 , which although seems pricey, it is definately worth the price as the effect and quality are second to none; also it is easily portable and is a great acessory for your mobile. Personally, I have always wanted a fish eye lens to capture those scenic moments on the move, so I will be taking it on my winter sun Christmas getaway to Gambia, Africa.

Peace, Love & Besos
*This item was gifted to us from Three mobile to review.

Monday, 7 October 2013

A Day in a life:Through La Belle Aventure's Eyes

Hello Belles,

Last week we were contacted by the Lucy about getting involved with the Boots health eye check campaign, we were very excited to be selected & apart of the campaign as our sight is affected everyday on a daily basis due to being short sighted and having to wear glasses for pretty much every minute of the day.

This challenge was so much fun not only because it consisted of taking pictures of our what we saw in a day but because of the underlying reason for the campaign which is the importance of taking good care of your eyes to ensure they are regularly protected and checked to ensure continued health for the future.

We decided to document our Saturday when we took a trip to Oxford, so here is what happened throughout the day.

Our Boots Inspirational Eye Health Kit sent from Lucy Arrived
Mystery Sender, provided us with a Package of Keracare Hair Products

My new cleansing product from Bzzagent

Kamarla doing last minute touch ups on bus into Oxford

Had a look around Mum's workplace (Oxford University)

Kamarla Painting her nails

Picked up some 'Mixed Millions' from Hardy's Sweet Shop

Beautiful streets of Oxford

Candid shoot of us walking around Oxford

Cute Pastel mini cakes from the Cake Shop

Amazing Pret A Manger set in Historic building

Menu from Opium Den Resturant

Mum & Kamarla

Vegetable rice & chow mein with Spring rolls


Amazing Hand Carved Spoons

Loving the Jaegar Wool coat

Waiting for the bus home

Beautiful sunset on way back to Northampton

Relaxing with a Hot Ribena & Fiona Cairn Cupcake after long day of exploring

Care – Why?
As me and Kamarla work full time our role includes staring at a computer screen for most of the day and then being bloggers, we spend alot of time in front of our laptop screens, Ipad and smartphones, and although it may not affect your sight straightaway, over time it can damage your eyes.It is important to eat a balance diet and remove your makeup at night so your eyes do not become uncomfortable or irritated. 

Protect – Why?
As it is important to protect your skin with SPF sun lotion in hot sunny weather,  it is necessary to protect your eyes from UVA/UVB rays damage using  sunglasses or even tinted lenses.

Check – Why?
Going to the opticians regularly every 2 years will help to detect any eye or health issues in its early stage but also ensure you are seeing things clearly.

What did you see today #Bootseyecheck ?

Peace, Love & Besos

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Timeless Round Toe Court Shoes Review *

A while ago Barratts contacted us to do a review on a pair of shoes of our choice.

I remember the days of always going to Barratts to get school shoes and having my feet measured to find the perfect fit. I have to admit that since the likes of Primark, New Look and H&M I have neglected Barratts.However, they still have a very modern and wide selection of shoes to choose from.

We were given a limit of £40 to spend on our choice of shoes. I chose these gorgeous green round toe concealed platform court shoes.

The suede material is very soft to the touch, as well as the colour being pleasing to the eye. Since I'm at work most of the week I wanted something that could go from day to night. These are perfect, because they have extra concealed padding in the sole of the shoes, which helps your feet last all day and night. I got these in a size 5, but I was pleasantly surprised at the fit because I have 5 1/2 sized feet and these fit really well. Which means that Barratts are very generous with their sizing, because not many shops sell half sizes.

They came neatly packaged in their signature Barratts shoe box with tissue paper to prevent them being damaged. However, with the shoes being suede I would have preferred to have shoe bags accompanied in the box so I could transport them without fear of scratching the material.

I recently wore them all day to my induction training for work, and they were very comfortable. I even ran for the train in them and they were fine.

Another thing to point out is their pricing. These shoes were under £20 in the sale *I can't remember the exact figure*. For great quality shoes I would say that they are very cost effective, if you want high quality shoes to last.

One slight negative is that these shoes  do not come with spare heels for when my shoes need re-heeling. Most of the heels I buy do come with spare heels. However, it could be because of their confidence in the strength and endurance of their heels.

Make sure you check out Barratts shoes, they have a great selection of sizes and styles for all occasions.

Hugs and Kisses

Saturday, 14 September 2013

NYFW S/S 2013: Day 7 - Ralph Lauren

I can't believe NYFW has come to an end, it seemed to fly by. 

Anyway...I thought I would end this fashion diary with the one and only Ralph Lauren. Lauren effortlessly demonstrated that he knows what he is doing when it comes to fashion, as he never seems to disappoint. This season Lauren's collection began with a preppy chic 60s vibe with his use of knee-high socks, A-line mini dresses and perfectly tailored suits. Again I have to point out the use of monochrome and geometric prints which will forever remain a fashion statement. As the show progressed we were suddenly introduced to bright and bold colours to lighten up the collection, which featured cropped jackets, trenchcoats and A-line mini skirts. Towards the end of the show Lauren brought out the ethereal all white outfits to innocently end the show, but continued to display his tailored three piece trouser suits.

(all images sourced from

Hugs and Kisses

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