Thursday, 31 January 2013

My 22nd Birthday Haul

Last week I turned 22 *cue the old jokes*,and unfortunately I did not celebrate it due to a mixture of the snow blocking all transportation and exams.

To make up for it I got some lovely gifts from my family and friends.

*I apologise in advance for the bad quality of some pics as my camera decided it didn't want to work*

I got this beautiful  rose gold bangle by Jeminee from my sister, Shanaz with a cute inscription saying "Life is a blessing be true to yourself"

My mum got me a really delicate and dainty rose gold bracelet from Mikey London. This picture does not do the bracelet justice, as inside the twisting detail are tiny crystals in addition to the larger crystals outside. When it catches the light the sparkles look so glamorous. It is just perfect to add that extra sparkle to an outfit.

I have been dying to get a new watch as my DKNY watch is getting old. I fell in love with rose gold watches after seeing them all over the blogging world as well as on Tumblr. I got so excited as soon as I unwrapped this amazing Breda watch, because not only is it rose gold but it has a diamant√© border around the watch face. In addition this watch features the days of the week and the date. Unfortunately, I can't wear it yet as I have to get a couple of links removed.

My sister again got me a lovely phone cover case for my Samsung Galaxy S3, which is a dupe of the Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Canvas print . I have just noticed the gold theme that seems to be running throughout all my presents lol

My chic studded high top trainers from my sister, so I can still look stylish even when I'm having my casual days at uni.

Again my sister showering me with gifts and got me this Limited Edition fitted abstract print body-con dress. I love the neckline as it's similar to a sweetheart neckline which is always flattering. The back detail caught my attention as soon as I opened it, because it features a cut out back. It's not fully cut out, maintaining its sophistication but adding a hint of mystery at the same time.

I love my brother for getting me the Mango coat I wanted. You can't tell in the picture because the lighting was crazy  that day, but it is a black coat. This coat is a double breasted wool coat *it is soo warm and cosy* , it just goes over my knees but is perfect as a dress coat for those special occasions.

You must have realised that my sister and I have quite the sweet tooth. My friend decided to add to this bad habit by giving me this bag of sweets, but she also knows my love of cupcakes and got me a cupcake money box. I use it as a decoration in my flat rather than a money tin  *it's too pretty to be used lol*

I haven't actually seen these in person yet as they were delivered late, so my sister sent me pictures. The studded detail and the fact that they are heelless shoes, just screams chic to me. I can't wait to wear these, maybe after all these exams are out of the way I'll have an excuse to wear them.

Hugs and Kisses

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Weleda Pomegranate Regenerating Hand Cream *

Hi Belles,

Yesterday, as I posted on Instragram I was sent a Weleda hand cream to review for you from Lucy Rose.

At this time of the year, it is known that winter is not a favourite season for dry skin sufferers as the harsh cold wintery climate affects the body, face and hands. Luckily I don't suffer too much from dry skin, occasionally I do find my hands get dry alot in the winter.  It has become more of a problem since being at uni I think due to the ordeal of doing more handwashing, dishwashing and higher usage of kitchen/bathroom cleaning products on a daily basis. So I was interested to say the least to test out this  hand cream especially from a brand I was unaware of.

Who is Lucy Rose?

Lucy Rose is an online organic beauty and skincare company, founded in 2006 by Professional Beauty therapist & Aromatherapist Sarah. The company name was inspired by her two eldest daughters forenames. She realised that there was not enough natural & organic products on the market for her family but also environmentally friendly on the planet for future generations. Due to her vivid passion for selling organic products, her boutique has grown into a blogger's and beauty obsessed favourite hypermarket. To date Lucy Rose is a flourishing boutique selling an array of well known brands; such as Burts Bees, Fig & Rouge, Zoya, Dr Bronners & many more.

 Weleda Skin Care

Weleda Skincare is a brand which has been in the natural, holistic, organic cosmetics and anthroposophic pharmaceuticals industry for over 90 years, originating from France, Switzerland and Germany. Their skincare uses holistics to maintain the health and balance of the body, mind and soul. The natural ingredients assist the skins functions within your body to stimulate their natural processes allowing them to become harmonised to enhance your skins natural vitality.

The Weleda Pomegranate Regenerating hand cream* is described to combact and protect your hands from environmental influences which cause appearance of age spots to allow your skin to look beautiful and youthful.

It contains the following natural ingredients:

- Antioxident rich Organic Pomegranate seed oil which promotes the skins natural renewal process and enhance the beauty of your hands

- Organic Shea Butter and pure natural plant extracts to protect your hands from loss of moisture , improve the firmness and keep your skin supple and smooth.

Since being introduced to L'occtaine handcreams last year, I have religiously swore by their products especially the Limited Edition Mango Passionflower hand cream (Favourite fruity scent). However, I think I may have been swayed to move to the Weleda brand as the scent is not overpowering, fruity and relaxing everytime I swatch it on my skin.

I think this cream is an amazing product. I like the smooth, lightwight consistency as it quickly soaks into my hands without being too oily. It is both rich and moisturing allowing my hands to be soft for hours as long as I don't do any manual labour of washing up (of course lol).  Due to it being non greasy, it is perfect to use day or night.

I love the sleek packaging, and the big nozzle allowing me get enough in one squeeze, but also the product size is good in comparison to my L'occtaine hand cream. I pay £8 for 30ml, whereas with Weleda you get an extra 20ml for an additional £1.95.

This has impressed me by a mile and has now joined my list with L'occtaine in my top 3 hand moisturers. I recommend it to absolutely everyone whatever age you are!

The Weleda hand cream retails for £9.95/50ml and you can buy this from Lucy Rose  HERE. Another bonus is the free postage on orders in the UK (orders over £15).

Also Lucy Rose offers a loyalty point scheme called 'Lucy Rose Beauty club' similar to high street beauty stores such as Superdrug (Beautycard) & Boots(Advantagecard). For every £1 you spend online, you will recieve 1 rose reward point which you can redeem on your favourite products once you build up 50 points (worth £2.50). To find out more click here

Have you tried anything from Weleda Skincare?

Peace, Love & Besos

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Winter Sales Haul - Part 2

Hiii Again :)

I was originally going to post this within my winter sales haul - part 1 but due to the amount of bargains it would have been a really long post so I thought I would do it separately.

Anyway, I had never shopped in Dunelm Mill before and on Boxing day I was searching for new pair of kitchen scales for my university flat, and came across their website which read on the front page 'BIGGEST SALE'.

As I was searching I saw so many homeware products/items reduced to £1.99 or less, so I knew I had to search the whole website. I was on there for over an hour searching every tab and found a lot of bargains which I added to my shopping cart and reserved to pick up in my local store.

This is what I brought.....

99p - reduced from £4.99
A ceramic cup is just what I need in the winter on my walks to university lectures/seminars. Essential to have a hot drink on the go!
£4.99 - Reduced from £9.99
I have an addiction to bedding, if I could purchase a new duvet cover every week I would but that would be too expensive. Anyway when I saw this I knew it would fit and stand out in my white bedroom. Again I was dishearten when they did not have this in double size for my university bed.

99p - Reduced from £4.99
I happened to find this by accident as they were sold out online but instore I saw a random trolley with it hanging out and I knew it was destined to be mine. If they had more I would have purchased another 3 but unfortunately I will have to be happy with just one!

I love candles and have a few Yankee candle tealights I have been holding onto for special occasions , so when I found these for only 99p each, I knew they had to be purchased.

 This plate is so cute, if they had the whole dinner set I would have purchased it. Anyway this was 74p each,  so I picked up four as I want to make a 4 tier cupcake stand in the future.

 This is my favourite plate that I purchased, the design is so cute and bright. I love florals, I have now dubbed it my presentation plate for baking to show off the final product. Unfortunately they only had one left but it was so cheap, only 37p.

This polka dot plate was off a cake stand set and for 37p I could not leave it, so I brought it incase I want to add it to my future tiered cake stand.
£1.25 reduced from £2.99
I love teacup sets and saucers, so when I seen this I knew it would be an asset to add to my collection as my Whittard of Chelsea Teapot did not come with a cup and saucer.

£1.29 Reduced from 4.49
I have always wanted a tea cosy but found they were a bit overpriced so when I seen this reduced to £1.29, I grabbed it quickly as I required it for my striped Whittard of Chelsea teapot.

What do you think of Dunelm Mill and have you purchased any bargains?

Peace , Love & Besos

Winter Sales Haul - Part 1

Although I had not planned on shopping the sales this year, I must admit I have been very good and purchased mainly homeware (which is featured in the next post) as usually I only tend to purchase clothes but after spending so much on clothes last year, (loads of unworned and still tagged new purchases sitting in my wardrobe) I decided that this year I will only purchase clothing which I need. So without a do, this is what I managed to find in the sales......

Next Clearance

I don't usually shop in Next but I must admit, I am glad I was forced to go to their clearance store with my boyfriend, as I picked up this cute polka dot duvet set for £5, reduced from £9. Now I have been a fan of multicoloured polka dots since middle school so when I saw this, I knew it was destined to become mine. I would have loved to have this in a Double so I could take it to uni but unfortunately they only had Single sizes left, so it will have to be used when I return back from university in Summer.


OMG...when I seen this online reduced to £19.99, I knew I had to purchase because I wanted it so badly last year but could not for the sake of me, shell out £40 considering it is not a coat. So I am glad, I was strict and waited because now I got it cheaper. I love this jacket, its so chic and simple yet looks so expensive with the gold sleek belt. It is a wardrobe staple that can be for winter if layered up or springtime.

As I am currently in the midst of applying for Accounting/Financial year placements, I thought I would add a couple of workwear additions to my wardrobe. The skirt (£3 reduced from £7.99) looks big but is really fitted with a nice gold detail zip and small vent at the back.

The shirt was £7 (Reduced from £12.99). I love this shirt, it's always good to have a blue shirt in your work wardrobe; I think as it can pretty much match with most colours, whether it's black, white, beige, brown etc.


Sue Moxley Famous Bronzer in Bali £2.50
Sue Moxley Famous Bronze Highlighter - 1p

2 FOR £3.99
96p Each

2True Any 3 for £4.99

Powder £1 , Lip Liner £1 & Fairy Dust Nail Polish £1.50

I picked up some essentials in Superdrug and used my NUS 10% student discount. The 1p highlighter was an accidental purchase, due to finding out when I returned home it was a tester. Nonetheless, as it was not fully opened and due to it being squeezy I decided to keep it and clean it with some alcohol. The bronzer was a neccessity as I broke my Accessorize one and left it at home so I required a new one. I like that this bronzer comes with a pocket mirror and brush, although I will be using my own bronzer brush. MUA & 2True purchases are re-purchases to go in my Muji drawer.


Reduced to £3.74 - RRP £4.99

I used to be a big fan of Boots when I used to purchase false nails but now that I have grown my own natural nails, I hardly shop there plus they don't have student discount like Superdrug. Anyway I popped in when I was shopping for my mum's birthday present and happened to check the offers on MYBoots Advantage card and found a 25% off shampoo & conditioners voucher (Valid until 19th February), so I picked up Organic Root Stimulator Hair Fertilizer .

The Works


I picked up this book for £1.99 and I must say the recipes in there look absolutely tempting, I will definitely be making a few cupcakes at university :)

Oh and for Kwanzaa my mum brought me a Muji 5 drawer box and Cake decorating bible book with some sugarpaste modelling tools :)

What bargains have you managed to find in the Sales?

Peace, Love & Besos

Friday, 25 January 2013

Cherry Baby Bunny Charm Bracelet

Recently I approached Cherry Baby about reviewing the new collection which launched on Monday 14th January.

Due to an immense amount of exams. It has taken me a while to post this review.

Let me start of by giving you some background. Cherry Baby is an online accessories boutique, that uses recycled and vintage materials offering a range of unique and statement pieces to accessorise any outfit. It was founded by Emma Turner who designs all the lovely pieces whether you want something Funky, Retro or Vintage.

It came packaged in this cute pink drawstring bag

I was sent the Bunny Charm Bracelet; which has a waxy, braided leather bracelet. The pretty bronzed bunny charm offers a vintage detail, offering an understated yet unique element to your outfit. I love how simple this bracelet is and the Alice in Wonderland feel it has to it.

If you want to find more cute accessories, visit the Cherry Baby website, or you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter for their latest offers.

Hugs and Kisses

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