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Apologies, for not posting this sooner but I had no access to my camera , as I left my camera lead in Sheffield over the holidays!

Anyhoo , last saturday I decided to go Birmingham to chill with my friend before I returned back to Sheffield . I managed to find time before I got on the train back home to shop at the famous Bullring Shopping Centre and found the following bargains:

Forever 21

Jersey Zip Jacket (RRP £13.50) - I paid with 10% Student discounted price £12.15

Now I have been searching for the perfect casual lightweight jacket that I could just throw on with a pair of jeans or shorts! I originally spotted one on Ebay for just over £13.00 but because I wasn't sure of the quality I was a bit hesistant to order it , plus I hate the long wait for international shipping from Hong Kong, because majority of the time I forget I even order anything until it arrives.

Anyway I popped into Forever21 and saw this little beauty on the mannequin and knew it had to be mine! It was the last one in store and luckily my size , so the store assistant kindly took it off the manniquin for me (Gosh I was lucky to bag it) .

Indigo Skinny Jeans (RRP £8.75) - I paid with 10% Student discounted price £7.87

I have never brought jeans from Forever 21, and it ended up being a real hassle (going to changing rooms on more than 2 occasions with over 8 pairs of different sized jeans); Nonetheless, after 30 minutes I managed to find that my size was 25. These jeans were a bargain as I normally purchase my Jeans from Primark which they usually retail for £11,so when I saw these , I knew I had to nab them quick!


PP Plaster Case - 85p

Usually im a bit of a lazy person and only keep my pins on a tacky piece of cardboard and throw it in a plastic bag whenever I am travelling, so when I came across this on Muji Online , I knew it would be perfect , plus it was a bargain for under £1.

Acrylic pot - 85p

I was lucky enough to win a Goody bag from SleekMakeup back in January and with it contained 2 pout paints in peek a bloo and mauve. I decided since they were very bold colours, I would attempt to create my own DIY Lip balms, which mean't I required a pot.

So I went searching on Muji online and found that they had the perfect pot at a good price. Now I only brought one just to test it out, because after rummaging through my lip section in my makeup draw , I noticed I had a couple of empty leftover pots from old lipbalms.


Makeup Academy (MUA) Blusher in Shade 6 - £1

Now I have only recently began to wear blusher since February 2012 , after getting the confidence to use my Sleek Makeup Limited Edition Mediterranean collection blush in Santorini which I picked up last summer at the Wireless Festival 2011.

Anyway I went into Superdrug and was initially meant to go to the Sleek counter and pick up a pout paint but as you can see I got sidetracked by this little beauty. Now this blusher has been out for quite some time as it was released about september 2011 and I have to say it is amazing including the sleek packaging !!!!

The shade is perfect as it is two toned , with a top shade of pinky peach and a golden bronze undertone which will give your cheeks soft, subtle glow perfect for both daytime and night time glam :) .

Although I have never tried Nars Super orgasm blush (RRP £21) & Sleek Rose Gold Blush (RRP £4.20), I believe this is very similar dupe to those 2 shades ,but is by far much cheaper!

Tell me what you think of my new buys or what you have purchased recently!

Peace, Love & Besos

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