Friday, 9 August 2013

Primark Autumn Shoe Collection!!!!

Hi Belles!!!!

I know I have not posted in what seems to be forever. My terrible excuse is that since working 9-5 everyday I have turned into a granny. *all I want to do is hibernate in my room with food lol*

Anyway back to business. Have you seen the heels on offer at Primark?? I have to say, season after season Primark seem to be outdoing themselves. They have really upped their game since the early days.

These heels are not only right on trend, but also reasonably priced ranging from £12 - £25 *GASP*. I know...I know your gasping right now. However, the quality does seem to improve with the increase of the price, so I'll let Primark off this time lol.

These beauties below are by far my favourite. I love the fact that most of them can be used in the day for that chic work outfit; and also take you right on into the night with a cute LBD for drinks, or unleash your wild side with the leopard print or studs.

Primarks Autumn Shoe Collection

Primarks Autumn Shoe Collection by kamarla on Polyvore

To see more of their collections just visit LOOK

Let me know your Primark must haves?!

Hugs and Kisses

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