Sunday, 27 January 2013

Winter Sales Haul - Part 2

Hiii Again :)

I was originally going to post this within my winter sales haul - part 1 but due to the amount of bargains it would have been a really long post so I thought I would do it separately.

Anyway, I had never shopped in Dunelm Mill before and on Boxing day I was searching for new pair of kitchen scales for my university flat, and came across their website which read on the front page 'BIGGEST SALE'.

As I was searching I saw so many homeware products/items reduced to £1.99 or less, so I knew I had to search the whole website. I was on there for over an hour searching every tab and found a lot of bargains which I added to my shopping cart and reserved to pick up in my local store.

This is what I brought.....

99p - reduced from £4.99
A ceramic cup is just what I need in the winter on my walks to university lectures/seminars. Essential to have a hot drink on the go!
£4.99 - Reduced from £9.99
I have an addiction to bedding, if I could purchase a new duvet cover every week I would but that would be too expensive. Anyway when I saw this I knew it would fit and stand out in my white bedroom. Again I was dishearten when they did not have this in double size for my university bed.

99p - Reduced from £4.99
I happened to find this by accident as they were sold out online but instore I saw a random trolley with it hanging out and I knew it was destined to be mine. If they had more I would have purchased another 3 but unfortunately I will have to be happy with just one!

I love candles and have a few Yankee candle tealights I have been holding onto for special occasions , so when I found these for only 99p each, I knew they had to be purchased.

 This plate is so cute, if they had the whole dinner set I would have purchased it. Anyway this was 74p each,  so I picked up four as I want to make a 4 tier cupcake stand in the future.

 This is my favourite plate that I purchased, the design is so cute and bright. I love florals, I have now dubbed it my presentation plate for baking to show off the final product. Unfortunately they only had one left but it was so cheap, only 37p.

This polka dot plate was off a cake stand set and for 37p I could not leave it, so I brought it incase I want to add it to my future tiered cake stand.
£1.25 reduced from £2.99
I love teacup sets and saucers, so when I seen this I knew it would be an asset to add to my collection as my Whittard of Chelsea Teapot did not come with a cup and saucer.

£1.29 Reduced from 4.49
I have always wanted a tea cosy but found they were a bit overpriced so when I seen this reduced to £1.29, I grabbed it quickly as I required it for my striped Whittard of Chelsea teapot.

What do you think of Dunelm Mill and have you purchased any bargains?

Peace , Love & Besos

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