Thursday, 31 January 2013

My 22nd Birthday Haul

Last week I turned 22 *cue the old jokes*,and unfortunately I did not celebrate it due to a mixture of the snow blocking all transportation and exams.

To make up for it I got some lovely gifts from my family and friends.

*I apologise in advance for the bad quality of some pics as my camera decided it didn't want to work*

I got this beautiful  rose gold bangle by Jeminee from my sister, Shanaz with a cute inscription saying "Life is a blessing be true to yourself"

My mum got me a really delicate and dainty rose gold bracelet from Mikey London. This picture does not do the bracelet justice, as inside the twisting detail are tiny crystals in addition to the larger crystals outside. When it catches the light the sparkles look so glamorous. It is just perfect to add that extra sparkle to an outfit.

I have been dying to get a new watch as my DKNY watch is getting old. I fell in love with rose gold watches after seeing them all over the blogging world as well as on Tumblr. I got so excited as soon as I unwrapped this amazing Breda watch, because not only is it rose gold but it has a diamant√© border around the watch face. In addition this watch features the days of the week and the date. Unfortunately, I can't wear it yet as I have to get a couple of links removed.

My sister again got me a lovely phone cover case for my Samsung Galaxy S3, which is a dupe of the Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Canvas print . I have just noticed the gold theme that seems to be running throughout all my presents lol

My chic studded high top trainers from my sister, so I can still look stylish even when I'm having my casual days at uni.

Again my sister showering me with gifts and got me this Limited Edition fitted abstract print body-con dress. I love the neckline as it's similar to a sweetheart neckline which is always flattering. The back detail caught my attention as soon as I opened it, because it features a cut out back. It's not fully cut out, maintaining its sophistication but adding a hint of mystery at the same time.

I love my brother for getting me the Mango coat I wanted. You can't tell in the picture because the lighting was crazy  that day, but it is a black coat. This coat is a double breasted wool coat *it is soo warm and cosy* , it just goes over my knees but is perfect as a dress coat for those special occasions.

You must have realised that my sister and I have quite the sweet tooth. My friend decided to add to this bad habit by giving me this bag of sweets, but she also knows my love of cupcakes and got me a cupcake money box. I use it as a decoration in my flat rather than a money tin  *it's too pretty to be used lol*

I haven't actually seen these in person yet as they were delivered late, so my sister sent me pictures. The studded detail and the fact that they are heelless shoes, just screams chic to me. I can't wait to wear these, maybe after all these exams are out of the way I'll have an excuse to wear them.

Hugs and Kisses


  1. I love your blog! Definitely following:)
    That bodycon is gorgeous, and i'm loving the studded heels (not that I'd be able to walk in them) ahaa xx

    1. Thank you :). I know I just need an excuse to wear it. I haven't tried the heels yet, but I hope I can walk in them too lol x


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