Sunday, 27 January 2013

Winter Sales Haul - Part 1

Although I had not planned on shopping the sales this year, I must admit I have been very good and purchased mainly homeware (which is featured in the next post) as usually I only tend to purchase clothes but after spending so much on clothes last year, (loads of unworned and still tagged new purchases sitting in my wardrobe) I decided that this year I will only purchase clothing which I need. So without a do, this is what I managed to find in the sales......

Next Clearance

I don't usually shop in Next but I must admit, I am glad I was forced to go to their clearance store with my boyfriend, as I picked up this cute polka dot duvet set for £5, reduced from £9. Now I have been a fan of multicoloured polka dots since middle school so when I saw this, I knew it was destined to become mine. I would have loved to have this in a Double so I could take it to uni but unfortunately they only had Single sizes left, so it will have to be used when I return back from university in Summer.


OMG...when I seen this online reduced to £19.99, I knew I had to purchase because I wanted it so badly last year but could not for the sake of me, shell out £40 considering it is not a coat. So I am glad, I was strict and waited because now I got it cheaper. I love this jacket, its so chic and simple yet looks so expensive with the gold sleek belt. It is a wardrobe staple that can be for winter if layered up or springtime.

As I am currently in the midst of applying for Accounting/Financial year placements, I thought I would add a couple of workwear additions to my wardrobe. The skirt (£3 reduced from £7.99) looks big but is really fitted with a nice gold detail zip and small vent at the back.

The shirt was £7 (Reduced from £12.99). I love this shirt, it's always good to have a blue shirt in your work wardrobe; I think as it can pretty much match with most colours, whether it's black, white, beige, brown etc.


Sue Moxley Famous Bronzer in Bali £2.50
Sue Moxley Famous Bronze Highlighter - 1p

2 FOR £3.99
96p Each

2True Any 3 for £4.99

Powder £1 , Lip Liner £1 & Fairy Dust Nail Polish £1.50

I picked up some essentials in Superdrug and used my NUS 10% student discount. The 1p highlighter was an accidental purchase, due to finding out when I returned home it was a tester. Nonetheless, as it was not fully opened and due to it being squeezy I decided to keep it and clean it with some alcohol. The bronzer was a neccessity as I broke my Accessorize one and left it at home so I required a new one. I like that this bronzer comes with a pocket mirror and brush, although I will be using my own bronzer brush. MUA & 2True purchases are re-purchases to go in my Muji drawer.


Reduced to £3.74 - RRP £4.99

I used to be a big fan of Boots when I used to purchase false nails but now that I have grown my own natural nails, I hardly shop there plus they don't have student discount like Superdrug. Anyway I popped in when I was shopping for my mum's birthday present and happened to check the offers on MYBoots Advantage card and found a 25% off shampoo & conditioners voucher (Valid until 19th February), so I picked up Organic Root Stimulator Hair Fertilizer .

The Works


I picked up this book for £1.99 and I must say the recipes in there look absolutely tempting, I will definitely be making a few cupcakes at university :)

Oh and for Kwanzaa my mum brought me a Muji 5 drawer box and Cake decorating bible book with some sugarpaste modelling tools :)

What bargains have you managed to find in the Sales?

Peace, Love & Besos


  1. Those are some amazing bargains! I am loving the polka dot bed set, how cute!!

  2. I have the same coat from H&M but in black. I bought it a while ago but when I saw it on sale I just couldn't pass it up. I've gotten a few compliments about it, I love the chicness too x

    1. Jealous..I would have loved it in the black edition to add to my wardrobe :)


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