Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Holiday Presents: DIY Fashionista and Muji


I know this is extremely late, but I spent the majority of the holiday working and without the internet (I have now realised how dependent I am on the internet lol)

That's an addiction that I will soon lose now that the exam season has begun. 

The holiday seemed to just fly by, and before I knew it I was straight back into my uni routine. 

Anyway, I just wanted to show you two of the presents that I received. My mum is the best and knows me inside out. Every year we get a book for the holidays along with all the other presents. This year my mum got me an amazing book. 


Its the DIY Fashionista book by Geneva Vanderzeil. For those of you living under rocks out there, and don't know who she is check out her blog A Pair & A Spare

Seriously, Geneva is not only an great fashion and lifestyle blogger, but has amazing style as well. The best part is that her style is totally affordable, because it is either DIY or reworked pieces; showing you that you can still get the looks and trends off the runway without breaking the bank. This book shows you how to achieve 40 of her stylish projects in an easy step by step guide.

Here is a picture of some of her DIY projects

*sorry about the picture quality*

Each style project displays the skill level needed which range from easy (no sewing necessary) all the way up to the more skilled designs (require sewing machine or basic pattern making).

The reason I love this book, is that not only does it help you to recreate some of Geneva's stylish creations, but inspires and gives you the confidence to create some of your own DIY projects.

In addition to the style projects, the book also has a section on how to organise your wardrobe to perfection and gives you a brief lesson on how to find your inspiration to begin your DIY journey.

If you haven't got the book already, you can find it on or any other bookshop. 
I'm looking forward to her next designs and hopefully she may bring out another book.


This Muji 5 Drawer Acrylic box is great for storing your makeup as well as any other bits you may want to store in it.

I love that it is acrylic, as it offers transparency while at the same time a sturdy and reliable material for storage. Although, the drawers are quite narrow so you have to be selective about what items can fit in them, but you could always purchase the bigger boxes with deeper drawer space.
Another great thing about the transparency is that it will match and fit into any room/design.

The 5 drawers are perfect for me as it allows me to organise my make up easier, as well as offering easy accesss through the slide out draws.

So far this is how I've filled it, but I'm sure I will add to it very soon as my make up collection could do with a huge update.

The Muji 5 Drawer Acrylic box retails for £24.95, which is not a bad price considering what you can fit in it. It can be purchased either from their online website or in any of their stores worldwide.

I hope you all had a good holiday and New Year

Hugs and Kisses

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