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Rihanna Reb'l Fleur & Rebelle Perfume Review


 I decided to make this post a 2 in 1 review just to make it easier for all of you

Whilst searching on Ebay, I came across a company called 'Boutique Zone' selling 100ml Tester EDP Rihanna fragrances bottles unboxed, without lids including a free minature sample for for over 50% cheaper than major retailers at a bargain price of £14.95.

I have always been a fan of Rihanna (Even met her twice in '07 & '10), her style and her music since the beginning of her career and I love the fact that she keeps its fresh by changing/reinventing herself with every new album! 
Since the launch of her perfumes, I have always got each new one every year. I'm now waiting patiently to test out Nude when it arrives in the UK! 

Rihanna's perfumes are distinct and widely known due to the sleek glass bottle which is combined with a twisted matte coloured ribbon , designed in the shape of a stiletto due to Rihannas fondness for them. 

Reb'l Fleur

Reb'l Fleur was the debut fragrance in her perfume empire which was launched in late 2011 and the name was inspired by Rihanna's gran who nicknamed her 'Rebel flower' .

As show in the title, it does contain floral notes of Hawaiian Hibiscus Flower, Poinciana, Violet, Tuberose with a fruity blend of heart and tops notes of Coconut, Red Berries, Purple Plum, Peach and a vanilla base.

In terms of scent it is described as fruity chypre and is perfect if you're into sweet floral smells.  The scent encapsulates my ideal romantic holiday that encomprises of a Sunset walk on a  Hawaiian beach in a sexy maxi-dress . I love that it contains my favourite scents: Vanilla, Peach & Coconut!

I personally think that this perfume is great for using at night but also in the day at work/uni if you want to feel empowered , memorable or sexy .



Rebelle is the second edition of her debut fragrance and was launched in April 2012. 

I was introduced to this perfume by my boyfriend, who brought it as a 20th Birthday gift on a whim because he knew I wore Reb'l Fleur . I am so glad he purchased this perfume as I have fallen in love with Rihanna's fragrance again. 
As you can identify from the title of this fragrance, it captures rihannas fierceness with the daring red matte ribbon and makes reference to her signature red hair colour. 

It was inspired to encapsulate the warmth of the Caribbean sun including her present day life. 
This is shown by the scent which features heart notes of heliotrope, vanilla orchid,cocoa absolute , top notes of plum, strawberry and fiery ginger on a base of musk, coffee, amber and patchouli to undercover a floral fruity scent.

Rebelle will leave you feeling lively, bold, and full of spirit (cheeky), basically the definition of sassy.


PriceYou can purchase a 100ml EDP for around £36.50 both online & in store from major retailers such as House of Fraser, Perfume shop etc 

Longevity: This perfume is very strong and lasts for over 5 hours due to it being Eau de Parfum - which is a great , because I adore the scent! 
Scent: If you love Britney Spears Fantasy - but you want a more mature, sweet but sexy version, then these are the perfumes for you! 

Packaging: I think the packaging is sleek.  I like how the lid looks very expensive including the changing matte ribbon per new scent.The bottle stands out compared to my other perfumes! 
Repurchase: yes, Yes, YES! Since being at university I have brought 2 Reb'l Fleurs and a Rebelle, these perfumes do not last long the way I spray them like bodyspray but for £14.50 each , I don't mind splashing the cash!

What's your favourite perfume?

Peace, Love & Besos


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  1. Yeah, Rihanna has some decent celebrity perfumes like Britney Spears. Reb'l Fleur is very "loud" so its best when sprayed on lightly during the cooler seasons or on special occassions. Its a chypre fruity scent, but also quite sweet, musky and tropical which makes it more grown up and best on adults of any age. Even though its fruity, I find it quite bold and daring (maybe like Rihanna herself haha). Her other fragrance Rebelle is softer and more creamy. Its also quite sweet, but it has a coffee smell which is mature. There is a bit of earthiness to Rebelle too, so its nice for the cooler seasons as well. I think Reb'l Fleur is more daring, bold, strong, sexy and noticeable than Rebelle. Rebelle is more quiet, soft, subtle, unisex and creamy. Her latest fragrance Nude is even softer though! Its the most appropriate one for warm weather and as a casual perfume because its sweet and fruity, but not too sweet. It has some light florals in it too, which makes it feminine but mature. The bottles look nice in pictures, but they're kind of annoying to handle when spraying in real life. Im glad she has a new bottle for Rogue - although I don't like that name, it sounds kind of trashy.


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