Wednesday, 27 August 2014

What's in my 'Airport' Handbag?

Since the time I booked my September holiday to Ibiza late spring, I have been so excited for several reasons:
  • Glitz , Glam and Party Central...It's the Celebrity hotspot of 2014 ( Cara Delevingne, Kim Kardashian & Kanye, P Diddy , Naomi Campbell etc)
  • Escape the dull, wet UK weather for a hotter & sunny climate
  • I will be staying in the newly opened &  first European Hard Rock Hotel. 
  • My final holiday to end the Summer before starting my final year at university.
As I am only going for 4 days, I am purely only taking hand luggage; thankfully Ryanair allow up to 10kg allowance plus an additional handbag. So I thought it would a good idea to share with you a breakdown list of what I will be packing for my 4 night trip to the Beautiful Balearic Islands in a few blog posts.

As you can tell I love to cram as much as I can into my carry-on bag, however the above are all necessities (except the alcohol of course). I will use my £49 Harrods Burgundy Faux Saffiano Leather Handbag as it has long shoulder straps, sleek and fashionable, making it the perfect tote bag.

Travel Wallet – I love this wallet especially as it is personalised with my initials ‘SRP’. This is a must have travel essential as I am able to store my money, travel documents/flight paperwork all in one without the need of separate folders etc. Plus I love that it has a pen holder as you never know when you will need a pen.
Makeup bag – I always take an additional mini toiletries bag in my hand bag, in case I need to touch up any makeup before or after the flight. I don't take much just the essentials such as gel eyeliner, mascara, studio fix powder, chewing gum , lip balm & lipstick, two perfumes, nail file & nail polish, remover pads clear nail polish , hand cream, body wipes and a mirror.
Kiss Gel Dress – I will be taking my Kiss Gel Dress nails that I received from Alex Silver PR as it will save the hassle of bringing nail polish plus the Glitter 'My Space' nails will look very glam glistening in the sunlight.
Disposable Contact Lenses & Glasses –  Unfortunately I am not blessed with 20/20 vision ,so I always make sure I carry both my contact lenses , prescription sunglasses and everyday glasses
especially as I will need to protect my eyes from the sun & it's UV Ray. 

Purse – I never bring my large Valentino purse abroad but instead use a cheap small purse which can easily be used on the go, to fit my necessary bank cards including my driving provisional for ID, change and additional Euros as I don’t want to walk around with my travel wallet with all my important documents on holiday.

Electricals – Where ever I go my iPad Mini goes because it has a better battery life than my mobile and contains all my essential apps, music & games for the flight.  I take my mobile to stay in contact with people via WhatsApp & so I can instagram my travels. Also my Smartstick Charger is carried around in case my phone runs out charge when I am out and not near a plug, this will give my mobile a full charge.

Cameras – My Samsung NX100 Compact System always comes on holiday as I love the quality of pictures it captures in the daytime in comparison to my point & shoot camera. I take my Samsung WB150F point & shoot camera because it is smaller & has wifi upload feature to social media.

I will also be packing other essentials such as Glamour/Cosmopolitan/Company Magazines,  plug Adaptor adapter, my chargers (iPad, Phone, Camera) , Umbrella as you never know the weather when back in UK.

Snacks – Inflight snacks are essential especially if you are like me and dislike plane food. I always eat at one of the aiport resturants before the flight but I carry some sweets, crisps and biscuits onto the plane with me for when I get peckish!
I hope you enjoyed seeing what I take on the plane with me, the next installment in my Ibiza holiday bag posts will be 'Whats in my holiday toiletries bag'.

What essentials do you take in your handbag when you go on holiday?

Peace & Love

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  1. I love to see what people take abroad and on flights! You basically take everything I do!


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