Monday, 1 September 2014

What's in my 'Toiletries' Bag?

In my second installment of my Ibiza holiday post, I will be discussing what I will be carrying in my holiay wash bag. Due to the liquid allowance, my toiletry bag is always minimal when I go away;i  only take the bare essentials and if I forget anything I know I can probably find it on location albeit it being a high price.

Face Products

Facial skincare - On holiday my facial routine is very simple and quick. I use the Simple Oil Balancing Facial moisturiser which is great for keeping your face oils at bay and Simple blemish face wipes – For those days when I am lazy or tired to use the makeup remover.

Face Scrub – I like to use St Ives Apricot scrub to exfoliate my skin on holiday as with the heat and sweat, it is more likely to drawn out the toxins plus it helps to revive the skin from sun damage to keep you looking radiant.

Makeup remover/cleanser & cotton pads – It is essential to remove all traces of makeup at the end of the day and cleanse your face so I take a travel sized bottle of Green people Makeup Remover/Cleanser plus you don’t want to give the cleaners a makeup filled pillow . I also take a couple of Muji Cotton pads with me too.

Body Products
Body Cream -  I use a miniature Vaseline body cream on holiday and a couple of Garnier samples which can easily be popped in my bag if we go to the beach and want to do a quick moisture especially due to salt water drying out my skin. 

Shower gel & Flannel    I always take a travel sized bottle because of the 100ml liquid allowance. However, the majority of hotels I stay in provide good quality complimentary toiletries.

Deodorant – My Lush Greeenech Powdered Deodorant ,  I find it is more hygienic than roll on because it is in powder form , I find it keeps me dry in the heat and if I do sweat (can’t stop the inevitable of nature) , it does not smells due to the antibacterial properties.

Essentials & other bits
Toothbrush & Tooth tabs – My foldaway toothbrush always stays in my travel wash bag as it’s so handy to use on the move and I use the Lush Toothtabs instead of toothpaste as it is light, minimises those spillage accidents and natural as it contains no fluoride.

Mouthwash – I like to pop a travel-sized Listerine bottle in my bag for those times when you need to refresh your breath especially after a meal.

Disposable razor & shaving gel – I like to take a disposable razor & shaving gel with me in case of any touch ups (Yes I am talking about the bikini line ladies).

Hair Oil - I will most likely have box braids extensions to save me hassle of bringing hair dryer, afro comb, shampoo/conditioner etc. But to keep my hair hydrated from the drying sun, I will take my ORS Vital oils spray which is full of light essential oils such as grape seed and sweet almond oils.

I personally don’t use any sun lotions anymore as I recently heard on radio 4 interview with a doctor that SPF has not been tested on black skin, plus with the melanin in my skin it protects me enough as I don’t tend bathe in the sun too much anyway. Feminine products I always take a couple for those 'just in case’ moments as the body has a mind of its own sometimes.

The next installment in my Ibiza holiday bag posts will be 'Whats in my holiday makeup bag'.

What is your 'Must have' item in your toiletry bag on holiday?

Peace & Love

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