Thursday, 14 August 2014

Primark Limited Edition Haul

Last weekend my sister came to visit me in Bristol, which meant ...SHOPPING SPREE!!
We went to check out the 4 floored Primark in Bristol, and decided to seek out their Limited Edition collection.

Leopard Print Pony Heels : £22.00 - (1) I love leopard print accessories. (2) They are chic, sophisticated, perfect for work in the day and drinks at night. (3) They are a bargain and a great dupe of the Miss KG Alba heels for £80. (4) Best worn with a Black LBD, Leopard Print Clutch and minimal Jewellery.

Leopard Print Pony Ballet Flats : £16.00 - Who wouldn't like the ballet flat version? (1) They make a casual outfit look effortlessly classy and (2) No fear of tired, hurting feet. (3) Best worn with Boyfriend Fit Jeans, Basic Tee or White Shirt, and a Navy or Beige Blazer.

Faux Leather Gold Hardware Clutch : £10.00 - (1) The Gold hardware and minimal design instantly dresses up an outfit . (2) It comes with its own dust-bag to protect from scratches. (3) The built in card holder saves you carrying a bulky purse. (4) It has an internal pocket and phone holder. (5) Perfect for a night out as a clutch or use the gold metal strap to pop on your shoulder. (6) Best worn with a Black LBD, Gold Waist belt and Jewellery, and Black or Gold Heels.

Limited Edition Zip Biker Boots: £22.00 - (1) Biker boots can make an outfit look edgy. (2) Black and Gold hardware need I say more. (3) The heel makes the boots look feminine without being obvious. (4) Everybody loves getting two things for the price of one, just unzip the top and you have an ankle boot, or keep it on for a longer fit. (5) Best styled with a Basic/ Slogan Tee, Distressed Jeans and a Leather Jacket.

Do you like the Primark Limited Edition Collection?

Hugs and Kisses


  1. Great buys! Its so hard getting the limited edition range in my local Primark - the fashionista's clean up in minutes!

    1. Thanks !! I know, we go to the big Primark stores and grab them quick lol x

  2. I'm in love with the leopard print flats and boots! Sucks we don't have any Primark shops in the US, although I did here one opening in NYC some time next year. Can't wait!


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