Sunday, 12 May 2013

Pop Bands *

Want in on the latest No Rip, No Slip Headband or Arm Candy?

Then let me introduced to you, the latest craze Popbands!

What are Popbands?

They are a selection of hair and wrist accessories from Molly Mabel range that are soft, sparkly & stretchy. It was masterminded by two creative shoppaholics  Keli Craig & Lou Booth.

The unique selling point about Popbands, is they do not dent your hair or mark your wrists , no matter how tight they are adjusted, leaving you kink-free and dent-free.

I was lucky enough to be sent three collections from the Popband range to review.

Individual Purple jewelled bead wristband

Grey twinpack with a small jewelled bead attached wristband & Plain headband

Individual Plain Pink Wristband

I've been wearing the purple wristband alot because it is one of my favourite colours, it is so comfortable, cute and a subtle piece of arm candy.

They come in an array of colours and prints to match your outfits . Perfect for festivals or everyday. I will definitely be wearing mine to Wireless Festival , as they are not prone to breakage and they have the glitz element.

One thing I love about the Popband range is that some of the proceeds from each sale goes to charities across the world, which is amazing!

The individual collection popbands (Plain, Patterned or jewelled) cost £5 each;  The Twinpack collection which consist of a headband and matching hairband costs £6 , but if you want a Multipack collection consisting of 5 pack coloured popbands this costs £6 .

They also offer free postage on all UK orders.

Check out the Popband website & follow them on : Twitter and Facebook

What do you think about Popbands?

Love, Peace & Besos

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