Thursday, 30 May 2013

Bakerdays - Postbox Cake *

Baker Days kindly sent me my own personalised La Belle Aventure letterbox cake. I had previously heard of Baker Days from another blog and was excited to be presented with my own cake.

Credit : Baker

Who are Baker Days?

Baker Days is a relatively new online service for creating personalised cakes for all occasions, throughout the UK; based in Nottingham and founded by Andrea Guzyova and Alan Hawkes.

They create a range of  design cakes with names, messages or images of our own choice and can upload it on  their unique letterbox cake, celebration cakes, photo designed cakes or cupcakes.

Cakes can either be the usual vanilla sponge cakes but they offer other alternatives for an extra fee such as Carrot cake, Fruit cake, Double Chocolate chip, Gluten and Wheat Free cakes.

All Bakerdays cakes are handmade with good quality ingredients and contain no preservatives.

They can deliver fresh cakes, the next working day if ordered before 2pm and every cake is presented with candles, mini card and balloons.

Not knowing what design I wanted, I sent Baker Days a selection of images associated with the blog. When their in-house designer created it, they sent me a preview to see if I liked the design. I was so glad with the final creation because it was an exact replica of our blog image.

However, if you do not want to upload your own design via their easy to use website then they have over 400  design templates to choose from which can suit your needs.

They arranged to send me the cake on a date I specified, due to moving out of my uni accommodation. So when I finished moving back home on Saturday, I found the cake sitting by the letterbox.

The presentation of the actual cake was amazing. The cake comes in a cute little round gift tin embossed with 'Just For You' which gives it a really personal touch, a mini floral card to write a message and a mini packet of love hearts.

When I opened the tin, the cake was packaged in plastic with instructions of how to safely remove it from the tin.

 Once I removed the plastic wrapper, I was surprised how clear and detailed the design came out! The actual design is printed directly onto the icing and is stretched all around the sides including the cake board.

Although I forgot to mention when ordering what type of cake I wanted, I was luckily presented with a cake that I liked which was 'Carrot Cake'. The carrot cake was nicely flavoured with spices and the texture was very moist, I enjoyed it a lot.
Personally, I think Baker Days has created a perfect sized cake for those celebrations which require only a small cake as a thoughtful gift, whether it be for 'Passing driving test' or  a 'New job'. I would even purchase these cakes for friends who are away at university and unable to celebrate birthdays with everyone as they are only 5 inches in size and provide 3-4 portions.

You can buy a letterbox cake for £14.99 inc. delivery here.

If you are looking for a larger sized cake then you can choose from the other 3 options available at Bakerdays such as:

Small Party cakes 7 inch (8-10 portions)
Medium Party cakes 9 inch (29-30 portions)
 Large Party cake 9.5 inches (45-55 portions)
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What do you think about the letterbox cake?

Love , Peace & Besos

*Bakers days gifted me with the letterbox cake to review

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