Wednesday, 1 May 2013

21st Birthday Wishlist

So it is officially 1 week until I turn 21

Its crazy to think I am getting older as so much has happened since my 18th milestone and now im coming to age things just keep getting better & better!

Anyway this year, as my birthday will fall in the beginning of exam season, it has mean't that my focus to celebrate it has slowly decreased and not become a priority,  as it just so happens I actually have an Law exam on 8th May (my actual birthday , which sucks) . So it will be very lowkey celebration.

But I have thrown together a list of gifts, I am wishing to receive for my birthday next week. The majority of the items are sophiscated because I will be going on my Finance work placement in July and need to look the part!

What do you think to my 21st Birthday wishlist?


  1. Nice picks! Very sophisticated looking items! Advanced happy birthday! :)

  2. Love the shoes I myself have been looking for a pair like this so thank you :)

  3. Where is polka dot bag from search everywhere


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