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Body Shop - Hemp Hand Protector *

I was recently emailed by a PR representative from The Body Shop , asking if I would like to try and review a product of my choice.

Obviously I jumped at the chance, I have been a fan of The Body shop since I was younger  because it was the only skincare brand my mum swore by in particular the 'Tea Tree Range', which I think assisted with my now blemish free and clear  face!

I chose the Hemp Hand Protector because I am a hand cream addict,  especially now that I take more care of my nails.

Who are The Body Shop?

They are an original, natural and ethical beauty brand with over 37 years experience worldwide, with 2500+ stores in over 60 markets. Their products are all 100% vegetarian.  Also if you didn't know they are a subsidary of L'oreal .

They live by five core values which are:
- to support Community Fair Trade
- Defend Human Rights
- Against Animal Testing,
-Activate Self-Esteem
- Protect Our Planet.

The Hemp Hand Protector is one of  The Body Shop's best selling products, it 'protects hands' and 'helps soften them from the harsh environmental influences'.

It contains the following natural ingredients:

- Fair Trade Hemp seed oil from the UK , which is an oil that contains all your essential fatty acids, it helps to penetrates moisture and lubricates cells to nourish and detoxify skins.

- Castor oil to protect your hands from loss of moisture due to its water resistance , and also improves the firmness of skin keeping it supple and smooth.

The rich and thick consistency of the cream, means that you only need to apply a small amount onto hands and massage well to restore moisture and suppleness.
It is non-sticky and water resistant, making it perfect to use in the day; but also at night when your skin is prone to regeneration and healing.

Hand without cream

Application to the dry section

After application to the dry section

It is dermatologically tested for very dry skin, but it is still suitable for all skin types as it repair's all the damage to your hands that has accumulated throughout the day (weather, cleaning, etc),  so your hands stay looking beautiful.

I love that the foil tube packaging looks expensive and the big nozzle allows the release of a generous amount  in one squeeze. 
Although I think the packaging is not entirely travel safe for long periods of time, because it can be prone to slight wear and tear (bending, tearing or piercing).  

The scent is not my favourite because it is very natural and organic, but I can overcome that factor because the beneficial results outweigh the negatives.
All in all, this hand cream is very impressive and does exactly what it is described to do. It relieves dry skin in less than a minute. I recommend it to absolutely everyone whatever age you are!

The Hemp Hand Protector can be brought instore and online  , it retails at £5/30ml and £10/100ml which is reasonably priced compared to other products on the market.

Have you tried this hand cream or any others from The Body shop?

Peace, Love & Besos

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