Friday, 5 September 2014

Whats in my 'Holiday' Makeup Bag ?

On holiday I like to be quick & effortless with makeup, so I will be taking a small selection of makeup essentials for those days when I want to glam up or go for a more natural look.

I love my makeup bag which I purchased from Old Spitalfields Market, as it reminds me of Tory Burch …it is black, cute, sleek and was only £3. It is the perfect size to take in a holiday bag.
MAC Neutral Warm Palette – This is perfect for holiday as it has all the necessary neutral eye shadows to match any outfit plus it is compacted into one palette which saves space.

MAC Mineralize Powder in Dark – I don’t tend to wear foundation on holiday just a spot of powder to reduce any oil. Plus if I get a tan this is the best powder to match my skin tone.

MAC Fix + Spray - Useful for a dewy look plus it is great to spray on brushes when applying my Inglot Pigment dust

Lola Makeup Eye shadow Base – I never am without this base , it is good at holding my eye makeup in place all day ,  plus it enhances the colour payoff of my MAC eye shadows.

Inglot Pure Pigment Eye shadow dust no. 81 – This is without doubt my favourite eye shadow dust as the gold/pink iridescent is great for a party makeup look

Sleek Concealer Palette 05 - I tend to not use concealer regularly but it's only really used on my under eye circles,  if I have a late night or want a flawless finish.

Seventeen Tan Liquid Glow – I love to use a highlighter on holiday to give that extra sun glow look on the cheeks or even to just mix it with my moisturiser to provide that additional sun kissed look.  

Witch Skin Clearing Primer - This keeps my blemishes at bay, sometimes if I don’t want to use a moisturiser especially if it is too hot then I will just use the primer on my face.

Selection of Makeup Brushes – I like to pack most of makeup brushes as you never know when you need then as they all do different things (shading, powder, highlighting etc)

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I take in my Holiday Makeup bag...My final installment to my Ibiza holiday bag posts will be 'Whats in my Suitcase'.

What products do you take in your makeup bag on holiday?

Peace & Love

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