Thursday, 29 November 2012

Everything5pounds mini haul


Not sure if you are aware of the online website that goes by the name of "Everything5pounds", if you haven't then where have you been?!

Basically it is a website that has women's clothing, shoes, accessories & more, all priced at , yes you guess it £5. It's amazing but more importantly its the shoes that always catch my eye and the other day when I previewed there new arrivals I knew I had to be a earlybird to catch the amazing deals.

So after patiently refreshing their new arrivals page, I managed to beat through the online crowd within the first 5 minutes of the new arrivals being uploaded and purchased the following:

Chelsea style boots

Platform wedged heels with ankle strap

Gold capped faux suede boots

I haven't worn out the chelsea boots or the wedges yet but the gold capped boots are a showstopper. I was in Meadowhall on a date with my sister and everyone was looking at them and even two men stopped to say my boots were "very nice"!!!!

Seriously, join there facebook page here to be in the know of there latest arrivals so you can purchase a fantastic pair of on trend shoes for only a fiver.

Peace, Love & Besos


  1. OMG I love Them gold caped boots!! i want!! i cant believe they are only £5!!

    1. I know complete bargain and they come in other colours like Purple, blue etc


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