Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Select Specs - You Don't Need to Purchase off the Highstreet to Get A Decent Pair!!

Hellooooo Belles,

Since the age of 16 , I have worn prescription glasses due to being shortsighted, but I tend to remove them prior to any picture being taken.

I have always been a specsavers customer and normally I get charged in total approximately £150 for a pair of prescription glasses & prescription sunglasses , which is not easy to fund now I am back to living off a student budget. So I was excited when I seen an email from  Selectspecs offering to send me 2 pairs of glasses to review.

Selectspecs are an online glasses & sunglasses retailer, selling both prescription and non prescription glasses (For those who have 20/20 vision but still want to join in with the fun of glasses wearing),  they even reglaze and replace lenses on your current frame if it is in good condition. They have more than one range available to choose from ; the cheapest being their value frames which are priced at just £6 to the more expensive designer frames priced over £125. Each pair of prescription glasses from Selectspecs come with free standard lenses, UV protective, anti-reflective and scratch resistant coating , a case and a cloth.

The 2 frames, I chose were called Savannah 2213 - Black/ Red & Savannah 77088  - Brown , they were both chosen from the £6 value range. Due to postage & packaging being £4 for each pair of glasses it came to a grand total of £10 for each pair , which in my opinion is a still total bargain!!!!

Savannah 77088  - Brown
Savannah 2213  - Black/Red
Both glasses arrived very quickly , in under 10 days of ordering online, which is good considering these frames were shipped from Hong Kong and whenever I purchase anything from Ebay from Hong Kong, I am normally forced to wait a month for its arrival.
Though,  I was bit worried about the arrival of my frames due to not knowing whether or not they would suit my face,  but I was actually surprised when they arrived as both frames suited me.  The lenses are perfect  and are an exact replica match of my previous specsaver lenses, the frames are of high quality too!

At BBC 1XtraLive 2012 wearing Savannah Red/Black glasses

Overall, I will be definitely consider re-purchasing glasses from them again in the future as they are so much cheaper than your highstreet opticians, plus you have more trendy/fashionable options to choose from at different price ranges. 
It proves that you don't need to purchase glasses off the highstreet to get a decent pair!
Have you ever brought prescription or non-prescription glasses from Selectspecs ?
Peace, Love & Besos
 Note: This is a sponsored post, however my honest opinion remains

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