Tuesday, 8 May 2012

YOTO - Your Only Twenty Once!!!!!!

Guess what Belles, Its my 20th Birthday Todayyyyy!!!!!! *Woohoo, finally out of the teens*

Anyway this year, I was forced to celebrate my birthday before the actual day due to it being exam season and all. The following is what I got up to over the weekend....

NOTE : Picture Heavy Post!!!!

Friday 4th May

I went clubbing with my friend in Birmingham at the HMV Institute forWestwoods party which was so fun as it had good vibes and music was on point .Unfortunately I don't have the picture of us which was taken as not sure who took it :(

Saturday 5th May

My friend took me out to dinner to a Chinese buffet styled resturant called Ming Moon which was super cool especially as they had slush drinks *Yum* , afterwards he took me to the cinema to watch 'Safe' which in my opinion is an ok movie; I'd give it 5/10. Again I totally forgot to snap pics #Oops

Sunday 6th May

Sadly I had to leave Birmingham after I was having so much fun but I was happy because I got to come home and see my family. My mum took me out for my birthday dinner at Red Hot World Food Buffet & Bar which is a buffet resturant , that has food from all over the world (Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Italian, Caribbean and English). I wore my Primark Striped Skater Dress, with my black H & M Cropped blazer and Jeffery Campbell inspired colourblock Foxy Heels by Miso
We had so much fun plus I remembered to take a few pictures this time!

Tuesday 8th May (ACTUAL BIRTHDAY)


Today I am going to just chill. I got spoilt so much this year by everyone, I can't believe it because I did not expect it!

My friend spoilt me alot for my birthday especially as he already paid for everything when I was staying in Birmingham over the couple of days . He brought me the following:
Rihanna's new parfum 'Rebelle' 

He is so cute because he knew my 100ml Reb'l Fleur parfum was running out as I kept saying it constantly and knows how much I adore her perfumes.

A faux leather multicoloured striped bowling bag

A cute charm bracelet and some earrings.

His sister got me a box full of La Senza goodies.

My sister surprised me with a LYDC bag and matching purse

Look how sleek it is, I love the cream colour with the rose gold plated clasps, it looks so swanky/posh , cannot wait to accessorise it with an outfit.

Finally,  I got money from my parents because I didn't know what specific present I wanted & my favourite cupcakes.

 Fiona Cairn cupcakes *Yum* :)

Guess it is back to revision *Sigh*

Peace, Love & Besos

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