Friday, 18 May 2012


Hola Belles!

I haven't splashed out on beauty products in a while and believe this haul was long overdue. So without further ado, here's what I got:


Bodyshop bronzer (shade Golden Bronze) -  RRP £16.00 , I got it for £6 from a random seller.

I have never tried Bodyshop bronzer as I currently use Mac Mineralize Skinfinish in Gold Deposit (RRP 21.50) and although i think it is a good highlighter, I kind of have a love/hate relationship with it as at times I love it due to its multi-use as an eyeshadow & bronzer whereas sometimes I think the glitter fallout is too much. Anyway,I happened to come across a review of the bodyshop bronzer on a random blog (can't remember the name) and quickly searched on the bodyshop website for it and saw it was cheaper than my Mac at £16 each.
I added it to my online basket , but as I was about to check out something told me to check to see if I could get it cheaper on Ebay; luckily I did as I found a random seller from the UK retailing it for £6, so I knew I had to purchase. Personally, I love this bronzer I use it daily as its light enough for my everyday face and is a great highlighter with not a huge amount of fallout like Mac.


Organics Root Stimulator Nature Shine - £2.99

I literally cannot live without this product since it was introduced to me at the Afro Hair show last year, it's my No.1 go to hair product without a doubt!
I am in love with lightness of this spray as it does not leave my hair feeling heavily drenched with oil.
The scent is refreshing as it contains an assortment of oils such as coconut , Soybean oil, Kukui Nut oil, Essential oils of lemon , Bergamot and Spearmint.

On the bottle it states " Coconut and Soybean oils moisture and condition the hair and scalp leaving the hair soft and radiant" and it does live up to this statement as I can use this without the need of greasing my scalp for at least a week after washing my hair.


ALL Makeup Academy (MUA)

Intense Colour Eyeliner - Lovely Lilac

This is a bit out my comfort zone but nonetheless I'm still going to make some use of it. I like the colour but unfortunately due to the pigmentation it requires a lot of heavy hand movement in order for the colour to show up against my skin.

Intense Colour Eyeliner - Forest Green

I love this colour, normally I prefer blue eyeliner as my everyday eyeliner but I think I may have to convert to green eyeliner on a daily basis because the colour is really nice and is perfect for the summer to brighten up your eyes.

Lipstick - Shade 9

I have in the past brought a lipstick from MUA, which was in shade 8 and did not really like the colour. Nonetheless I went into superdrug and I saw tester of shade 9 just lying around, I picked it up ,tested it and fell in love! I would describe the colour of this lipstick to be a sheer nude with raspberry pink undertone; the shade is not only moisturing but it is also shimmering too as it includes tiny gold particles of glitter.

Lipgloss - Shade 14

I like this shade as its sheer and not very sticky, the actual smell of the gloss is sweet too and the size of the product is 14ml which is better than my usual lipglosses which are on average only 5ml and more than a £1.  It also goes well paired up with lipstick shade 9 too.


St Ives Fresh Skin Invigorating Apricot Scrub 

After receiving my free sample in my post box in April, and as I stated in my 'Whats in the postbox' post, I was amazed by this facial scrub. Anyway I went and done my weekly Tesco shop and happened to go to the cosmetic section (which i usually don't do) and saw that they had the facial scrub half price at £1.99 so I quickly popped it in my basket as I had £1 off voucher, so I only had to pay 99p 'BARGAIN!!!!'.

Kleenex Facial Cloths Cotton Touch 

I have seen these in Superdrug for some time now but never picked them up as I thought they were a bit pricey at £1.99 each. So when I seen on my cosmetic section travels in Tesco that they were half price , I knew I could not resist a cheeky purchase. Plus I got a 50p off coupon from the Kleenex cleansing facebook page which made it even cheaper. Though I am yet to try these, I will be using them soon as they are versatile for many uses such as:
  • Cleansing face
  • Toning face
  • Removing eye makeup
  • Removing nail polish
  • Use with just plain water

Let me know of any beauty products you have brought recently?!

Peace , Love & Besos

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