Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Clinique High Length Mascara

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This week (14th-20th May) marked the Debenhams Clinique mascara trade-in which mean't I could exchange my old mascara (Any Brand) , for a free 5ml deluxe sample of either their High Impact Mascara or High Lengths Mascara at Clinique counters in store. I was excited to trade my old black 2True eye lengthing mascara which was just lying around in the back of my eye makeup drawer.

I wasn't sure which one to choose , so I asked the lovely American sales assistant (Tina), which would be the best for me as I have thick curled lashes;  she recommended that I should try the High lengths Mascara as it would provide length and volume and she was right , it does what she said!

BEFORE (My Natural lashes)

 AFTER (My Lashes with Mascara)


  • The style of applicator is unique as it features a willow applicator with short bristles that is curled at an angle which is ultimately easier to reach both the inner and outer lashes in order to lengthen them.
  • You don't need alot of coats ,  as you can use one coat and your lashes will be separated & lengthen to look natural enough for everyday makeup. However, I decided to go for two coats just to see how it would look for evening makeup and I am impressed at the results.


  • It is not Waterproof so if I am on a night out and it rains I would have to be careful, I don't look like someone out of  a horror movie :)
  •  Sometimes it can clump your lashes if you put more than 2 coats,  but thats probably the case with alot of mascara's the more you put on the more product will get attached to your lashes.

Nonetheless, I still think this is a good product even with the disadvantages and if they have another mascara trade-in within the near future, I would definately pick up this product again.

If you cannot wait that long, then you can purchase it now from any Clinique counter for £16.00/7ml

But I would definately recommend you going down to your local Debenhams and picking up a sample. Be quick though it is only one per customer while stocks last.

My Rating

Product: ★★★
Price: ★★
Packaging: ★★★
Quality: ★★★★

       What are your favourite Mascara's?!

Peace, Love & Besos

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