Wednesday, 1 October 2014

J'adore Michael Kors

I have been going on and on to my family about wanting to get a Micheal Kors bag, and finally I can say I absolutely adore the latest addition to my bag collection.

I decided to go for the Michael Michael Kors Selma Medium Messenger bag. I love the colour-block contrast of  Black and White giving the bag an elegant and clean finish. The good quality Saffiano leather will ensures that my bag is scratch-proof and waterproof.

Originally I was quite surprised at the size of the bag. On first look you would think that it won't hold a lot, but believe me looks are deceiving. I can fit a hell of a lot of things in this bag without it looking bulky.

The bag came beautifully packaged in a white satin dustbag which meant that as well as travelling in style, my bag successfully made the journey perfectly intact.

As a messenger bag there are no handles but just a long white leather detachable strap. I love the fact that it is adjustable as I have huge worries with straps as I am quite short. Another great thing about the detachable strap, is that once taken off the bag becomes a cute clutch bag. This will be ideal for holiday, as it makes a great neutral day and evening bag.

What do you think of the Michael Michael Kors Selma Messenger?

Hugs and Kisses

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  1. This bag is my favourite! Great Post


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