Thursday, 23 October 2014

Blaze On Fairy Lights *

A few weeks ago, I received a set of Radiant Hearts White LED fairy lights from Blaze On
It was good timing as I had only moved into my university apartment recently and felt my room was missing that extra something to make it look more homely.

From when I opened the package, I could tell that Blaze On's top priorities was customer service as the packaging alone was so intrigently detailed . The lights came wrapped in handcrafted orange tissue paper accompanied with a Daisy flower scented candle , which I am saving as it's too pretty to burn . Once I unwrapped the tissue paper, my beautiful lights were revealed through the clear-view window which made me even more excited to try them out.

I got the warm white version to give my room a soft ambience which after a long, hard day at university is definitely needed. As I have to pay my own bill these lights are bright enough to use when I do not want to use the main lights especially when I catch-up on my U.S TV shows (American Horror Story).Originally I hung them on the pole fixture in my room but realised it would be better suited on my bed head as that is the main focal point of my room plus I could make full use of the light strings.

Although the price of these luxury Radiant Heart lights are £27.50 which is higher in comparison to other fairy lights on the market,  I would say, it is worth the investment as the quality is really amazing,  they have a lifespan of approximately 10 years ( Up to 100,000 hours) and they're energy efficient. According to Blaze On , the LED bulbs use 90% less energy which makes them very economical. One thing I found was that the lights never get hot despite if they have been on all night ( night I fell asleep without plugging them out..blame university) which is important as safety is key. Note: All Blaze on fairy lights come with a 1 year electronic guarantee and UK technical support.

By purchasing these lights , not only are you are able to instantly update your home/room decor but you are also helping support local communities in Thailand through Blaze On's ethical commitment of utilising fair trade and ethically sourced products, which is great.

Blaze on, offer a wide variety of  lights to suit all homes and even sell incense sets & candles too.  UK delivery is from as little as £1.95 but if you spend over £40, it is free.  Currently they have £2 off on all orders over £10 using discount voucher code FAIRY.

As Christmas is coming up soon, why not decorate your home or even provide someone with the gift of light. Don't forget to check out the Blaze On website and  Blaze On Facebook page for more pictures and inspiration of how to style fairy lights!

 Peace, Love & Besos

Disclaimer :
This product was provided to me free of charge from Blaze on in order to review it. However the opinions expressed in this review are independent and my own.

Photo Credit : Image by Blaze On (


  1. Awww those light are so pretty! i want some to decorate for my bedroom. your room is so cute!\

    1. Thanks , they are a statement piece perfect for any room.

  2. Love these fairy lights, I am going to get myself some for my bedroom. Great photography!


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