Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Live Below The Line Challenge

 Did you know over 1.2 billion people are living in extreme poverty in the world???

 Extreme proverty is defined by the World Bank as people who are so poor they have less than $1.25  per day to survive on whether that is spent on food, housing, travel, healthcare or education.

Today I started the Live Below The Line challenge (a day later than the official start date) in aid of raising awareness of world proverty but also for my chosen charity of No More Malaria UK.

I chose to raise money for the charity No More Malaria after visiting Gambia in December 2013 to see my Boyfriend & hearing that his best friend had been infected with the disease which had him hospitalised for a few days.

The aim is to spend just £1 each a day on all our food and drink for five days between Monday 28th April until Friday 2nd May.

I definitely will say I take for granted what a pound can actually buy us nowadays and I know I personally do not budget my spend on food each day and without a doubt could easily spend up to £10 on food based on impulse

I will be putting forward a donation of the cost of my usual weekly shop . Feel free to support me by donating any spare money you can afford  here , as Malaria No More UK can treat people with £1 (81.8p) which go towards the cost of providing protection (Mosquito nets , Vaccines & treatments) of Malaria infected countinents such West Africa (Ghana, Namibia , Botswana)

See below what I ate on my first day of the challenge:

Breakfast Total= 17p

Porridge 10p, made with half milk 2p & water , served with Chia seeds and Golden syrup 10g @ 5p

Lunch Total = 59p

 Fresh Fusili Pasta 100g @ 29p, Pasta sauce 220g @13p & Salad (Cucumber, Avocado & Lettuce) 5p

Dinner Total= 20p

Fried Dumpling (flour 75g @ 8p , salt 1p, paprika 1p , water = free, frying oil 35ml 10p)

Dessert Total = 5p

Slice of Everyday value Chocolate & Vanilla Swiss Roll


Day 1 total cost : £1

The highs and lows

 I am so glad I remember about Fried Dumplings for dinner as they are so quick , easy and cheap to make (water, self raising flour, pinch of salt and frying oil), this meal was able to sustain me for the whole night. I faced the challenge earlier of my first day without my usual big breakfast at work which usually consists of  a Bagel, Raspberry sprinkled Porridge & fruit platter plate ( Strawberrries, Raspberries & oranges), I found that I was really hungry by 10am and anxiously waiting for Lunch time to arrive. However, by lunch time, the plate of pasta and salad filled me up so much until it was time for dinner. Personally I think having a big lunch makes a difference to rest of the day. I did not mind having water all day as I think it will be beneficial not only my health but my skin will love me even more. Overall I think today went well and I am excited for the next 4 days!

Peace, Love & Besos


  1. Wow this is amazing, such a great cause well done Shanaz! It definitely makes you think how much you spend/waste on food doesn't it? Knowing that you can eat all of that for just £1 is amazing! I've donated :) xx

    1. Amber. Thank you, so much for your donation and support for this wonderful cause!


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