Monday, 7 April 2014

Floral Bloom

I don't normally blog about shoes, but I felt I needed to give these heels an additional platform to shine!

Primark as you know is definitely one of my favourite stores for picking up some real hidden beauties, if you search high and low through the store. On Mothers day, I went to Primark Westfield,Stratford store to pick up a cami and came out with these beautiful floral court heels which I decided to wear to dinner at 'Lanes of London' that same day.

They are pocket friendly at only £12, which compared to the £120 Ted Baker Luceey Shoes is an absolute bargain. The floral print is stunningly beautiful and the intense multitude of colour is perfect for spring/summer.

I was able to wear these pointed toe shoes all evening as they were really comfy.  I decided to pair the shoes with a monochrome outfit and I loved the way the pop of colour lifted the sophiscated look! (excuse the mobile pic, I did not have time to take a picture with my actual camera on the day)

Peace , Love & Besos


  1. They're so pretty! Can't believe they're from Primark. They look great with your outfit :)

  2. The shoes are gorgeous, good find! I'm defo going to have a look for a pair for myself!

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