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Unmask mum's innner beauty *

Hi Belles,

With Mothers day due next weekend (Sunday 30th March). It means one thing 'gifts' and pampering mum for the whole day!

In the run up to Mothering Sunday,  Aldi recently launched some new products this month , one being the Lacura Facecare facial masks which became available in stores on Sunday 16th March. I was lucky enough to be a sent samples of both facial masks to review.

Anti-Fatigue Face Mask
  • Radiant complexion
  • Refresh the skin and reduce signs of tiredness
  • Suitable for all skin types
The Anti-Fatigue mask is created to reduce the effect of tired and pale skin due to many reasons such as stress, overheated rooms, lack of sleep or poor air quality. It contains an array of skin loving rich ingredients to help brightening your skin complexion naturally so it looks more radiant. I love the scent of the product as it sweet and refreshing from the infused combination of  vitamin C fruits such as Camu-camu ,  orange and Acerola but also elements sea buckthorn oil and  vitamin E to help protect the skin.

Nutri Build-Up Face Mask
  • Rebuild skin protective barrier
  • Maintain moisture level of skin
  • Rapidly build up suppleness of skin
  • Suitable for all skin types

The Nutri Build mask is an intensive treatment mask to help rebuild the skins protective barrier to improve suppleness and vitality due to skin ageing process. Unlike the Anti-Fatigue mask, this mask benefits from a combination of high quality oils such as Pomegranate Seed, Argan, Moringa and Avocado Oil, which are best known for maintaining moisture to deeply nourish and care for skin but also improve suppleness. As this mask relaxes the skin, the scent is not overpowering or as sweet but mild in comparison to the Anti-Fatigue mask.

Application & tips

Application of the masks were really quick and easy , due to the 2 in 1 facial brush attachment which is soft yet still dense enough to massage the face. Each product is clear on application and dries clear (No Casper moments) .The formula is not heavy but light and non-sticky , despite me putting on a thick layer on application. I love how my skin felt refreshed, clean and moisturised, after washing off the mask. Another bonus is that the brush attachment comes with an on/off dispensing option which is always useful when travelling with beauty products that can become messy if the packaging is accidently split or broken.

Some tips from Lacura skincare on applying the product are:
  1. Firstly massage the cheeks up to the temples avoiding the eye area
  2. Massage the facial contours up to your ears
  3. Lastly, massage the neck area to the chin
  4. Then leave on for 5-10 minutes and wash off product
    Both facial masks each retail in Aldi stores at £3.99//40ml.  These would be perfect to give to mum's in a DIY mothers day beauty box due to there affordability. Usually I don't use face masks but I think I will definitely be purchasing a couple of the Anti-Fatigue masks to add to my skincare routine.

    Have you tried the Lacura Skincare range, what are some of you favourites?

    Peace, Love & Besos

    *Product was sent to be reviewed

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