Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Ugos Boutique

While we was at Afro Hair & Beauty Live 2012 on the Jubilee weekend,we were was introduced to a company called 'Ugo Boutique'

Ugo boutique is a UK fashion brand, based in London specialising in African inspired accessories.

We had the pleasure of meeting and talking to the beautiful owner/designer of Ugo's Boutique "Ugonna Hosten" who I have to say was so lovely & instantly made us fall in love her creations and the  brand.

According to their website Ugo Boutique describe themselves as an "afro-pop fashion accessories label, presenting you with exceedingly delicious arm candy"

All their products are unique and all handmade . They create oilcloth bags in African fabric, which include trimmed polished leather . Ugonna informed me that the " fabrics are treated in a high gloss finish which make the accessories highly durable and waterproof". This is perfect for someone like ourselves as we happen to go to 02 Wireless music festival in Hyde Park annually and am always on the hunt for the most durable , lightweight and medium sized bag to carry throughout the day.

Ugo Boutique sell a range of accessories which include tote bags, duffle bags, rucksacks, holdalls and clutch purchases, which range from £20 - £150 which I have to say are not priced badly for limited edition products which are an investment as they will last so much longer than your usual high street bags.

Also I nearly forgot to mention that if you you spend over £100 delivery is free and they dispatch your order within 24 hours, which is perfect for any last minute gifts.

Check out their website here. Also like the facebook page  & follow them on twitter click here.

This has  already been added this to the pinterest wish list, by the end of summer we expect to make a purchase. 

Peace , love & Besos


  1. Their clutches are amazing!
    Lovely post!

    Tolu from Fashinate Me

    1. They really are!

      Thanks :), love your blog especially your outfit posts:)

  2. I saw her stand when I went on monday. I really loved her pieces, especially the purses and rucksacks!

    1. Ah cool, my favourites were the Duffle bag & Rucksacks :)


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