Thursday, 28 June 2012

H & M Citrus Passion

Back in May I went shopping at Meadowhall, Sheffield and ventured into H & M. Anyway I spotted that they released a new seasonal fragrance called 'Citrus Passion', now anyone who knows me can confirm my absolute favourite scents are either fruity, citrus or floral ; so I knew it was an instant purchase. However, unfortunately they only had testers of both the eau de toilette and bodysplash available in stock and when I asked the sales assistant for any in the back, she mentioned that it is a seasonal product and may not be in the next week's delivery.

Luckily for me as my sister lives in Nottingham, I got my thinking cap on and sent her out on a mission to find codename:citrus passion in her local H & M and to my satisfaction they were not sold out of both the bodysplash and Eau de toilette so I requested that she purchased both for me . Also Luckily enough, I got an extra 10% off the bodysplash price as it did not have a gold cap.

I love the fruity scent, it is perfect for daytime work or festivals and will have you smelling sweet all day long!!!

The packaging is not spectactular compared to other perfumes on the market but I would not expect it as they specialise in clothing not cosmetics. However saying that, that I do like the eau de toilette bottle including the size as it is minature enough to travel in my handbag over the summer to festivals but also the design is pretty yet simple as it is gradient of colours pink to orange with a gold cap.

This is a seasonal product so I would advise you to go to your local H &; M and purchase it while stocks last.
  • 200ml  Bodyspray £1.99
  • 30ml Eau Du Toilette £3.99
These products are available in H&M stores and H & M online. 

Note: They sell Citrus Passion body lotion and shower gel too. 

 My Rating
Product: ★★★
Price: ★★★★★
Packaging: ★★★
Quality: ★★★★

Peace, Love & Besos

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