Monday, 8 April 2013

Easter Holiday Haul: Mango, H and M, M.A.C and Aquascutum

This Easter holiday I decided that I would actually use it as a break. The past four years at uni and this is the first time I have relaxed in the holidays. 

Of course I made a trip up to York know that means I went shopping. This time my lovely mummy was the bad influence and kept buying me more and more stuff.

On another note, I have just got a sewing machine so I'm hoping to maybe do some DIYs this summer *look out for that :)*

Here's my holiday haul


These are plain black smart trousers that would be ideal for work. They are tapered to fit perfectly. I'm thinking of using this to create a chic monochrome outfit.

H and M

The bold bright turquoise is perfect for the bold bright colours for Spring/Summer. Hopefully the weather warms up so I can create some cute summery outfits.

As soon as I saw this skirt I feel in love with it. The A-line silhouette is perfect as I have no curves, so it gives me a nice shape. The colours also fit in with the current S/S13 trend.

My mum picked up this beauty first, but it didn't fit, so of course I swooped in and tried it on. It contrast of blues and the tie dye pattern effect is gorgeous. I'm looking forward to the next occasion when I can where this.

Now that I will hopefully be entering the working world soon. I'm building up the blazer collection a lot. The picture doesn't show the true colour, but it is a dark forest green and fitted. I had to get this as a lot of my blazers are short and not long length, and sometimes a long length blazer works better with certain styles.

These abstract skinny jeans again fall into the monochrome trend. They are super skinny pants but I just love the random and aztec print, which makes them fun instead of your typical plain jeans.

I'm slowly building up my pencil skirts for work, and this one is perfect for work. However, because of the denim material you can also dress it down for a casual event.

Every girl needs some flares in her life. These are a perfect fit around the waist, but due to my short stature I have to have the legs taken up. As soon as they are altered I will be wearing these around for sure.

Mint green is the hot colour of the moment, and although this one is darker I still love it all the same. This mini skirt is great for the transitioning weather, as it is a polyester/wool blend fabric that can keep you warm or cool.

I also bought this statement necklace, with sparkly gems to jazz up any plain outfit or spice up a shirt. I did have the blue and black version but I had to take it back as it was damaged and unfortunately there were no more in stock.


I also picked up a Violetta M.A.C creme lipstick, as I fell in love with it when my mum bought it. Naturally I have to have my own. This has become my favourite lipstick now.


My lovely mother also surprised me with a pair of tapered black Aquascutum shorts. Keeping in with the monochrome trend I really need to find myself a white blazer with black lapels now.

That's what I have got so far. I'm still waiting on two jackets from H&M to be delivered. I'll do a post on those when they finally arrive.

Hugs and Kisses


  1. That necklace/those shorts <3

    1. Thanks :) I wish I had the blue necklace too to complete the collection x

  2. Great haul! You bought some lovely things :) xx

  3. Great style!The stitching is well done and is a good value for how nice it looks. The leather is soft and it should be comfortable to wear. I am in love with leather jackets from, very good!


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