Monday, 4 March 2013

Mum and Daughters Day: York Designer Outlet

After completing 12 crazy exams in about a month. I deserved a well needed break and some retail therapy to perk me up.

My mum recently moved up to York, so me and my sister made a trip up to York and stayed for a girls week. My mother spoiled us so much by taking us out to eat nearly every night, and by day we explored the quaint town of York.

Then to my surprise we discovered that York had a designer outlet. Needless to say we jumped in the car and headed straight there for the day.

It is quite big with two floors, although the top floor is dedicated to restaurants. The design reminded me of Bluewater shopping centre, and as you walk down each row beautiful designer shops grace each side. But even better is the massive price cuts of around 50% - 70% *jaw dropping I know*

My mum was in her element and purchased some gorgeous, navy, fitted Aquascutum trousers for a steal of a price. Which was wrapped up neatly in an Aquascutum logo, navy cardboard bag and tied with the matching crest and monogrammed ribbon. Which shows that even though you may not be paying the luxury price, their fabulous customer service is still paramount.

She also picked up such a cute bag in the M & S outlet *I will be borrowing that bag for an indefinite period lol* which was reduced even further because a part of the clasp had detached. I attached it within 2mins when we got home and it looked perfect. Seriously this bag looks so chic as it is patent black with gold chain accessories, but no one would believe the bargain we got. (Sorry my mum didn't take pictures of her items)

Both my mum and sister had fun buying shirts in Polo Ralph Lauren, although they did fight over one of the shirts because it was last one *it's safe to say the fight is still ongoing lol* . They bought a couple of the pinstripe shirts with the large horse and polo emblem on the side.

Even though it was a girls weekend we couldn't leave out my brother, so my mum bought him a really nice knitted v-neck jumper from Austin Reed, which was unique and more than likely one of a kind.

My favourite store was Pink by Thomas Pink, who designs top quality shirts. I was pleasantly excited when I clocked the women's shirts and was shocked to find that they went as low as a sizes 4 and 6. As I am so petite it is hard to find my size in many shops and I still get excited when I see my size. Of course I had to purchase some shirts. Not only because they were small, but also because I will be finishing my post graduate course at uni in a matter of months, meaning it's time to get my work-wear wardrobe in order. I picked up these smart fitted pinstripe shirts for a really good price.

On the way back we visited York town again and I picked up some black leggings with gold zips from Zara. I don't tend to wear leggings but I liked the fact that these were of thick material and had the elasticated waist so that it is nice and fitted. Plus in this cold weather I would say that leggings are an essential.

Hugs and Kisses


  1. I cannot believe I didn't know York had a designer outlet! I'll definitely be dragging my family there! The shirts and Zara leggings are so nice xx

    1. I know neither did we. I would definitely recommend, but be armed with your purse because you can't resist the prices lol xxx

  2. You both have your mums eyes and smile :) It's nice to see you guys had a lovely time x

    1. Do we lol? We did have a good time thank you :) xxx

  3. I have nominated you for the Leibster award! You can find out more here: xx

    1. Thank you very much, but unfortunately we have already done the Liebster Award twice xx

  4. woow girls week ! Lucky u :-))
    I am in love with that pink shirt!

    1. I know that shirt is so chic. I love it x


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