Thursday, 25 October 2012

2True Crystal Nail Polish - Shade 5

Nails of the day have started to become a regularly occurence on the blog at the moment, now that I have finally given up with fake nails and become au naturale since starting back at university. Surprisingly they have grown well after the torture I put them through for years :)

2True Crystal Nail Polishes are limited edition. They have 6 shades within the collection to choose from , of which I currently own 4 comprising of  shade 1, shade 3 and shade 4.

They are gorgeous party nail polishes which add a hint of shimmer to your nails. Shade 5 is particularly my favourite as I love how pigmented it is, as you can go with just one coat of polish and it will look as if you have 2 coats. Also another plus is that the formula is very quick drying which is good if you are consistently on the go like myself.

These nail polishes are exclusive to Superdrug and retail for £1.99 each , however Superdrug has a consistent offer on 2True cosmetics whereby you can purchase any 3 products for £4.99.

Has anyone tried out these Crystal Nail polishes, if so let me know what you think to them?!!

Peace, Love & Besos

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