Monday, 16 July 2012

Urban Lawyers Take Over The House of Lords

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Hi Dolls!!!

A few weeks ago my friend and I went to the House of Lords for a networking event. It was hosted by the Urban Lawyers *they also have Facebook and Twitter*. I didn't take any pictures because me and my friend were unsure as to whether we were allowed, but the Urban Lawyers Facebook has all the pictures. 

After getting through the strict security we were taken to the River Room, which had a very regal feel to it, with its green velvet or silk wallpaper, and huge framed pictures. It also had a great view of the river right by the London Eye. 

The event started with an extremely inspirational speech from Lord Hastings of Scarisbrick. Who reminded us that perseverance is the only way to move forward and not to sit there and expect everything to come to us. He was followed by two more speakers that gave us some really valuable information and insight into the profession. We then had to play a game that the Barrister Tunde Okewale created, where we had to move around the room talking to anyone we didn't know and ask three questions. *It reminded me of speed dating as we had to move to a new person every time we heard the bong lol*

1) What did you have for breakfast?
2) What was the last film you watched?
3) Who was your last phone call to?

Funnily enough you find out quite a lot about a person just from those questions, but then after a while you end up talking to people about other things and make up your own questions. I got good tips and an insight from people who just completed the LPC  course as well as many others who are applying or currently on Training Contracts. I'm now beginning to know which areas of law I want to specialise in.

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  1. sounds a treat! will def spread the word about this event!
    should check out my career post "let's make it work"
    MsB x

    1. It was a really good event. I hope they will be hosting more. I will definitely check out your post x


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