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Simple Skincare Academy

Hi Belles

As you know my sister seems to be the competition Queen and wins just about everything that she enters, and this time she won two tickets to the Simple Skincare Academy. Unfortunately, due to work commitments she couldn't attend and instead offered the prize to my mum and myself

It was a lovely day and thankfully the weather was good as well. The event was from 10:30am till 4pm, so we got to spend the whole day there.  I'll start by showing you my OOTD to the event.

*I have noticed that I cheese alot in my pics lol*

Bag: H&M| Shirt: SuperLooks| Skirt, Belt and Shoes: Primark| Earrings: Tiffany & Co| Watch: DKNY| Necklace: Gift| Bracelets: stolen from my mum's wardrobe lol

This event was all about the mind, body and soul. When we arrived we were all given lovely and healthy refreshments of fresh fruit and tasty pastries. What I liked about the event was that it was small and intimate, so it was easy to get to know everybody.

We were then moved into another room, with notebooks and pens *to jot down those all important skincare tips :)*,where we were briefly taken  through the history of the Simple brand which was fascinating.
 I didn't know Simple taught about well-being, as well as having such a popular range of skincare products *they are so popular that their cleansing wipes are sold every 3 SECONDS* and introduced to the Simple Advisory Board. 
  • Dr Chris Bundy the Simple Psychologist
  •  Caroline Frazer the Simple Skincare Expert and Celebrity make-up artist to some of the greats
  •  Fiona Hunter the Simple Nutritionist
  • Anna Reich the Simple Fitness Expert.

The Masterclasses

The first masterclass was with Dr Chris Bundy who taught us about the effects that stress has on our skin. We had to do a little game of bingo and try to find out 9 facts from everyone, and whoever filled out all 9 won, but unfortunately we didn't win :(. The next test was on our first responses to 4 stressful situations which I thought summed me and my mum up pretty well.

The second masterclass was with the famous Caroline Frazer, who gave us a skincare routine. I really liked how it was interactive, and everything she taught us we were actually doing ourselves, rather than just listening *she also complimented my mum and I on our skin, my only claim to fame lol*. We were also given our Simple goody bags, which were tailored to the form we had to fill out prior to the event, and it came with a handy little miror. My mum even managed to pick one up for my sister who deserved it as she actually won the competition.

My goody bag

My mother's goody bag

Shanaz's goody bag

After this session we broke for a delicious lunch and got chatting with everyone on our table.

The third masterclass was with the nutritionist Fiona Hunter, who equipped us with our Simple aprons *which we got to keep* and put us to work. We were divided up into groups of 5 and were given 10 ingredients each for either a starter, main course or dessert. My team had to create a main. However, the twist was that out of the 10 ingredients we could only use 6 of the ingredients and create our dish in 20 mins. We got to work and created 'Simply Salmon' *we also had to name our dish*. The group with the most creative name would win a prize, it wasn't my group but my mum's group who won the bottle of red wine with their dish named 'Simple World'. After we all presented our meals we could dig in and try out our creations.

The Winning dish - A Simple World

Simply Salmon

Would you believe that in my mum's group was the beautiful Lola from LolaStar Hearts, and we found that we both follow each others blogs. she was so nice and we were chatting away before we left. Make sure you follow her blog it is an amazing beauty and lifestyle blog :) 

***Also if you want more pictures Lola took lots at the event and is a better photographer than me lol, I unfortunately had too much fun and forgot to take pics***

 Last but not least was a masterclass with the fitness expert Anna Reich, who gave us excellent exercise tips and exercises that you could do in the comforts of your own home or if you have little time to spare. I loved her little saying of "leave no limbs spare" for example if you are working your legs find something to do with your arms, don't just leave them hanging hold them up. There was even a hula hoop competition, which Lola won again. We even did this weird but useful face yoga, although you look crazy doing it lol, it really does help the muscles in our face and neck *did you know there are 52 muscles in the face?*

At the end of the day they equipped us with our Simple bible, which had all the information we had been learning throughout the day, and magazines to take home with us. All in all I would rate the event an outstanding 5/5 because it was not only informative,but also fun and interactive.

However, my mum and I decided to take a stroll through Oxford street and popped into H&M. They had a really good sale in there so we treated ourselves and my sister to a really cute tropical print, strapless dress. Before heading to the station we had a drink and quick bite at Garfunkels Restaurant.

Hugs and Kisses

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