Friday, 22 April 2016

Let's Celebrate National Jelly Bean Day


If you are a major jelly bean fanatic or all round sweetaholic, today is the day you can fully embrace & celebrate your love for the small bite sized candies.

Here are 5 facts that you may have not known about Jelly Beans.

1.  President Ronald Reagan was a lover of Jelly Belly beans. Approx 2.5 tons of Blueberry flavour beans were shipped to Washington, D.C. for his 1981 inauguration celebrations.

2. In 1989, Buttered Popcorn flavor was introduced as the world's first "savory" jelly bean flavor.

3. The Jelly Belly name is stamped on every single jelly bean made.

4.It takes 7 to 21 days to make a single Jelly Belly jelly bean. 

5. There are 50 official flavours of Jelly Belly beans, the most popular flavour is Very cherry.

Although I am cutting down on my sugar intake, thanks to Mr Dentist...I found that I can still enjoy Jelly Belly beans through using these retro 90's lipbalms, as they smell exactly like the actual jelly beans.

The lip set comes in 5 delicious scents which are Tutti Frutti, Blackberry, Tangerine, Mango and Buttered popcorn...I must admit my favourite is the blackberry, it is just the right scent not too sickly sweet and brings back memories of my school days when I was younger carrying around my trusty lipbalm before I got into the fabolous world of lip liners, lipstick and lipgloss.

The Fabolous five lip balm set retails for £5 at Primark stores & 7 piece set is available online from the Jelly Belly UK website .

What's you favourite Jelly Belly Flavour?

Peace , Love & Besos

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