Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Topshop Lipcream - 'Lotus Flower'


Apologies Its been so long since my last post. I believe 2 months to be exact due to my busy financial work schedule and going on holiday twice to Africa (Gambia & Morocco)...I am only now getting back on track.

Anyway, I went late night shopping last week and made my first Topshop makeup purchase, now I have been very good lately, only purchasing makeup in colours I don't already have but I have been obsessed with the purple/berry trend so I had to purchase this lip cream, it was too pretty to leave behind in the store.

Topshop lip cream in shade 'Lotus Flower'   is a beautiful, rich in colour berry pink shade with shimmery glitter particles.  It is highly pigmentated  and  has a 2 in 1 element  as after a few hours of wearing the lipcream it leaves you with subtle pink lip stain.

Though this is described as glossy finish, it is not overly sticky which is perfect for night and if your bold enough to wear it in the daytime.I love the consistency & vibrancy of this shade, as it is creamy in texture which is moisturising to the lips.

I noticed that upon opening the tube, the product was lightly scented with a vanilla based scent, similarly to MAC lipsticks but not as sweet/strong. Also the lipcream comes with a doe foot applicator making it easier to apply the creamy formula to lips without wasting a lot of product.
I must admit, Im not really the type of person who is obsessed with product packaging, but I do like the minimalistic design incorporating the quirky polka dot lid.

These lipcreams retail online and in Topshop stores for £7 , but if you are a student make sure you have your student card at hand as they offer 10% off discount (even on sale items),  so it will only cost only £6.30.

Have you tried Topshops Makeup, if so what are your favourites?

Peace, Love & Besos 


  1. The colour looks so stunning, and it suits you so well!

    Yet Another Makeup Blog.

  2. This looks like an amazing colour on you! xx


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