Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Veet Easy Wax Electrical Review & 50% off Amazon Code.

Prior to 2012 I was completely scared of waxing.  I thought it would hurt like mad.   Luckily things have changed since then and waxing at home is an experience I am no longer fearful of.

Recently I was sent a Veet Electrical Wax kit from Bzzagent. When I opened the package, I was amazed to find the following items contained within the kit :

  • Wax Heating electrical device
  • A base to hold the device
  • An electrical cable plug attachment
  • A 50ml roll-on wax refill, specially designed for use on legs & arms
  • A 50ml roll-on wax refill, for use on bikini and underarm (*Not included in pack, Available separately)
  • 12 Non-woven strips
  • 4 Perfect Finish Wipes
  • Beginners guide to waxing booklet

The electrical device is perfect for heating the wax to the perfect temperature so you can smoothly roll the wax onto the skin without causing any burns or scalding to the skin , although the recommended heating time from the instructions is not accurate as it actually takes 40 minutes to warm up. The kit suggests that the 50ml cartridge is enough for approx 4 waxing sessions, although I think it will slightly differ depending on each persons application.

The roller applicator is great for easy application of the wax as it determines the perfect consistency of the wax (not too thin or thick), so you don't waste the wax. Also the roll on applicator provides an even line too to wax off hairs easily.
As you can see, the wax is pink, which I like as it makes it so much more girly than the usual yellow wax. It also makes it very easy to see where you've put the wax and any sections you've missed waxing.
I am not going to lie and say was it was entirely painfree when the hairs came off my skin after waxing but it was bearable (approx 30 sec pain) , so waxing virgins will have no problem.
I must admit, it did take a few try's to get the hang of the right waxing technique but with more practice I can only get better. Right?

Included within the pack are 12 non woven waxing strips, though they are not enough as you need at least 4-6 strips per leg waxing session. However, I knew 12 strips would not be enough , so I purchased 100 waxing strips from Ebay for 99p.

The kit also comes with 4 soothing after-wax wipes, which helps to clean off any excess wax residue which is not easy to take it off simply with soapy water. Alternatively, if you run out of the wipes,some baby oil on a cotton pad/babywipe works perfectly too!

One thing I really like about this Veet kit is that it enables you to fit two different sized wax cartridges in the electrical heating device without purchasing another one. As I mentioned when you purchase the kit you are supplied with 1 Legs and Arm wax cartridge , but you can purchase a smaller precise wax cartridge for underarms and bikini lines for £9.99 which comes with 12 wax stripes and 4 finishing wipes.

The Easy Wax roll-on kit retails for £29.99 and the wax refills are £9.99 each , which you can purchase from most major stores (Superdrug & Boots) both online & offline.
Currently are retailing the Easy Wax Roll-Kit for £14.99 and are offering an extra 50% off until 30th June 2013 with discount code : EASYWAX4 .
Enter the discount code at the checkout and the price will be reduced to £7.49 #BARGAIN!

Have you tried the Veet Electrical Wax Kit yet ?!

Peace, Love & Besos


  1. This does sound great and a lot less fuss than regular hot wax! Great review :)

    Jess xo

  2. This looks cool, I'm always a little afraid to do wax at home because I get scared of the wax overheating etc so I think I'll stick with shaving for now (:
    Fashion Ganache.

  3. I got this the other week and so far so good! I did get a minor burn the first time but wasn't too painful, my only complaint would be the amount of strips, as you said, repurchases are necessary!



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